5 ways Yoga can help you sleep better

Stress, this six-letter word takes a toll on your physical and mental well-being both when it strikes, am I correct? 

There is no one, I feel, who is not stressed for some reason. I wish life was simple, but it’s not. Stress, anxiety and tension cost us a lot; we can’t run away from it, we just need to learn to deal with it the right way.

To share with you, the second wave of the pandemic affected me mentally. It’s not just being infected with the disease but also the package that comes along with it – health issues, taking care of family, how to lock yourself being in the same house, being away from your 2 yr. old, how not to infect your loved ones, the list is endless. There were too many things going on during that time, those details are for a later date. All the stress cost me my sleep, I could not sleep properly, I would be stressed out and constantly worry.

Lack of sleep can cause a lot of medical problems but immediately it can lead to more irritations and an unhealthy mental state. It starts affecting your day-to-day affairs, trust me. I had to figure out a solution for this problem, that’s when I turned my attention to Yoga. Yoga is something that my mom trusts and has always worked for her, so it became my first choice. She is a certified trainer and she recommended I start yoga for sleep 

Did it work?

Yes, indeed. You need to work out a routine and you will get fruitful results. Another thing is continuous dedication, which is the key to successful results. 

How did yoga for sleep help me?

The slow and controlled breathing we practice in yoga has a positive impact on our nervous system is responsible for our body’s rest function and helps us get better sleep. 


Yoga focuses on mindfulness. Mindfulness can boost melatonin levels, which can boost your sleep and reduce sleep disturbances. Mindfulness through yoga can help reduce your stress and anxiety levels again leading to better sleep patterns.

Breathing regulation:

Elements of yoga focus on your breathing patterns. Deep breathing is a relaxation technique that improves sleep.

Health benefits:

Yoga lowers your heart rate and improves digestion which is beneficial for our body. Doing yoga involves physical movements which are healthy for our body. Regular schedules help us with better physical and mental health.

Weight Loss:

This is an indirect benefit I can say if we follow Yoga. Weight loss may not be the primary agenda for practicing yoga for many. However, losing weight does have a beneficial impact on sleep patterns. Weight loss can help in sleep problems, such as sleep apnea.

Overall yoga for sleep has worked great for me! If you are stressed and have issues with sleeping you can start yoga for sleep it can help you for sure.

A few simple asanas can set the way for a healthy mind and body. With the options available for us at the click of a button, we can explore to learn these exercises both online and offline as per our convenience.

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