Why Blogchatter is the best Community Ever?

In one’s life, we don’t need perfect things, we need someone to aid our imperfections and make us a better version of ourselves. Life is about striving to improve and evolve! This fact holds true for every aspect of our lives.

Blogging is love for me, it’s a way to communicate about the things I believe in. My Blog is my pride, my reflection, a part of me that wants to share things in my way. Since it’s the day to express love, I chose this day to share about my most loved community which help me shape my blog better and I know I always have their back.

Firstly, Happy Valentine’s Day to my favourite community – “Blogchatter.”

What makes Blogchatter unique?

We all love someone who stands behind us like a rock, supports us in every way and helps us to grow further. That’s what Blogchatter is for me. Writing isn’t an easy task as it may seem. Plus, when you start like a clueless blogger like I did, you may get lost with no one to guide you.

  • The team behind Blogchatter are Bloggers/Writers themselves, so they perfectly understand the highs and lows a writer faces.
  • In today’s time, I feel there are very few people to ask for feedback and use it constructively. Similarly, very few who give feedback for improvisation. The Blogchatter guys do both truthfully.
  • When you walk alone, you may get lost but when you have a community behind you – you get up and walk again. I started as a blogger with irregular writing, not understanding the nuances of it. Blogchatter helped me with ABCs of Blogging. I got to learn from so many accomplanished bloggers, gained from their experiences and improvised myself. When you have such a support system, you feel motivated to grow more and better.
  • These team understands our challenges and we have so many guidance mechanisms in ways of campaigns and talks. There is always something happening behind the scenes at Blogchatter, there is never a dull moment.

Blogchatter has the perfect activities

If you are part of this community you already have an idea about what I may share. However, if you are new to this community – the first step is to go and register yourself in this world of happy blogging.

If I start sharing about all the good things these guys do, I will keep writing many posts. I will share about few of them that I love the most.

Featured Campaigns:

  • Blogchatter comes up with the best and most unique kind of featured campaign. In the last two years especially they have had so many awareness campaigns going in the health and wellness sectors which I really feel happy about. These campaigns have given me an opportunity to write for healthcare which is the closest sector to my heart because of my qualification and personal experience.
  • They have webinars and interactions as part of these campaigns which are so enriching.
  • There are so many unique opportunities like I learned so much MSMEs because I got to work on campaign with Blogchatter.
  • Since, they understand the hardwork that goes behind, they have the best awards for their community. I can say they give the best brief any blogger can get.

Cause A Chatter:

  • All of us have our beliefs and we wish to contribute to it in some way.
  • I wanted to go shift towards a environmental healthy lifestyle, I started to work in that direction.
  • Blogchatter helped me strengthen my beliefs. As part of Cause A Chatter where there are options of selecting in your beliefs, writing about them and also learning from other people experiences. I think its a fantastic practice. Learn and Grow together, right?

A to Z Challenge & E-Book:

  • As a writer, we all have two things we want to write about something new and exciting. Secondly, if possible to publish your work.
  • The A to Z Challenge provides such an opportunity to bloggers. This challenge is not something which Blogchatter started however, to work with them as a community enhances the whole experience.
  • Plus, they give us an opportunity to learn about publishing our work and learn from the best in the industry through various interactive sessions. I could publish my EBook – Anaaya and I: Journey to motherhood because of their support.

These are just a few top of the crust activities that the team at Blogchatter does. For more fun just register yourselves!

Image: Pixabay, Canva, Blogchatter website

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. This is my way of thanking the community I love.

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