5 Tips to choose your bridal lehengas

Wedding is a once in a lifetime culmination of your dreams into reality. Every girl has many dreams about her marriage and her bridal look. It was special for me; I am sure it would be for you too. 

Being a north Indian, I always wanted to wear bridal lehengas for my wedding. It was a subtle dream always at the back of my mind.ย 

In today’s world, we have a plethora of options available for bridal lehengas, right from the traditional to fusion ones. Red and Maroon are classics. However, we see a lot of colors making an entry like golden, royal blue, pista green shades, baby pink, etc.ย 

We are the hero of our story and the wedding day is a new beginning where we want to stand out. A small mistake can prove a dent in turning our dreams into reality. 

A few things one must consider while choosing her bridal lehenga are as follows:-

๐Ÿ™‚ Colour of Your Lehenga :

The most common choice is reds, maroons, or pinks. However, we have seen changing trends in the last few years in which brides choose different colors. The best advice I can give you is to go with an open mind and choose what suits you. There may be neons or pastels trending in the market; however, it should suit you; that’s what matters.

๐Ÿ™‚ Know your body shape and height:

The market is flooded with options. There would be some options suited for taller people while some would suit the shorter ones, choose the one which accentuates your body type. Broad borders, heavy work will suit a taller person, while flowy fabrics with intricate and dainty designs will look good on a short-height person.ย 

Secondly, we often get carried away by watching models wearing lehengas. What suits them may or may not suit you. Choose wisely, something which will be perfect for your body type. It’s your day to remember!

๐Ÿ™‚ Fit and Feel:

A comfortable fitting lehenga and blouse are important. It’s something you will cherish for life. Some make the mistake of getting the lehenga stitched too tight, which may lead last moment wear and tear. Also, it may not be comfortable at all. 

The fabric of the lehenga should be something with which you are comfortable. You don’t want cuts and bruises or rashes due to wrong fabrics on your D-Day. 

You need to focus on the blouse, skirt, and dupatta as a whole. Missing out on anyone could dampen your whole final look.

๐Ÿ™‚ Style and Trends:

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Some prefer choosing the latest trending lehengas, while some like the traditional styles. 

It’s a personal choice what one chooses; however, in the race of trending clothes, one must keep in mind the usage, suitability, and longevity of the product. Comfort should always be the priority.

Style your lehenga in accordance with your jewelry. If you are wearing real jewelry then first you may buy that and then choose your lehenga to go with it. Remember, both go hand-in-hand.ย 

Always try your lehenga beforehand. Always keep a check on any stitching issues in advance. DONT keep anything for the last moment. You won’t get the time.

๐Ÿ™‚ Quality:

Quality should be the same essence of your selection. You may get thousands of options; however, if it’s not a quality product, you can NEVER be sure about it. 

Choose your place to buy with a lot of thought. It’s a one-time purchase which will mean a lot.ย One of the best ethnic wear brands in India that I personally feel is definitely Manyavar.

Image: Pixabay & Brand Website

Disclaimer: This content was created as a part of a collaboration, however, it has been made sure that the content is helpful and provides value to the reader.


  1. These are some great tips for selecting the dress that every girls dream of for her wedding. Our choice and personality should reflect from your dress.

  2. Choosing the correct bridal lehenga is so important, after all the occassion is so important.These are really good tips, a Lehenga, ultimately should be chosen based on your body type and the colours that suit you.

    1. Given the wide range of options available to any bride-to-be, selecting the perfect outfit for D-Day can be difficult. You have mentioned some great tips to consider while buying Lehenga.

  3. it’s great learning about Indian bridal dress and how you pick yours. Must say totally different from what ours looks like but equally the same when it comes to the needs of it. All brides must pick a well fit gown wherein she feels and looks at herself as most beautiful with. It’s your day after all and that’s all that matters, your happiness!

  4. Bridal lehenga is something very personal to everyone. Your pointers are really good to look after before spending thousands on the Lehenga.

  5. Bridal lehenga is something very personal to everyone. Your pointers are really good. Thank you for these helpful tips.

  6. We all want the perfect wedding lehenga but the fact that what suits us and makes us shine matters the most. Good tips and something brides must pay attention to.

  7. I have always yearned to wear a lehenga for years now. But I am planning to wear it for my brother-in-law’s upcoming marriage. Thanks for this post I will select the lehenga in a more informed way. I think my body shape is pear shaped so will have to get a matching lehenga design.

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