Maintain your curls with Anveya Curls Hair Care Combo

We all believe in this quote. Our hair is one of the biggest concerns we all have and trust me there is no gender bias here.

I have wavy hair something I wasn’t so proud of for the longest time, I would be honest enough to say I have learned my lessons the hard way. I always dreamt of having poker straight shiny hair and with the advent of multiple chemical treatments I have played with them enough to mess my hair literally. I got hair issues followed by multiple treatments then I just left it. Few problems which I face till today are genetic and I have come to terms with it that I have to live with it. What I can do is to take care of what’s in my hands.

The most common problem with curly and wavy hair is frizziness which leads to a lot of bad hair days. You can’t control it completely, however; we can work around it with better-suited products. Over a while, I have understood that mild shampoos worked much better for me. Also, I have been making a lot of lifestyle changes by choosing eco-friendly products so I have had my share of experiments which I continue till today.

I came across Anveya Curls hair care combo when I was shopping for my regular essential oils on Amazon. I have used this brand’s products and found them of great quality-wise. It’s a very rare situation that a brand comes with a complete hair combo package dedicated for curly hair, I was curious enough and trusted the brand so gave it a shot.

The combo consists of Curls Shampoo, Curls Conditioner and Curls Hair Mist.

Product & Ingredients:

Curls Shampoo ► Wheat amino acids, soy amino acids, coconut milk, argan oil, camellia seed oil, green tea seed oil, sunflower seed oil, sweet almond oil, plus others

Curls Conditioner ► Sunflower seed oil, argan oil, camellia seed oil, green tea seed oil, coconut milk, sweet almond oil, shea butter, wheat amino acids, soy amino acids, aloe leaf juice, plus others

Curls Hair Mist ► Ginkgo Biloba extract, argan oil, camellia seed oil, sweet almond oil, pink Himalayan salt, coconut milk, aloe vera extract, wheat amino acids, soy amino acids, plus others

✏️ All the products are made with CIR SAFE Ingredients, which ensures safety. The ingredients are sustainable. Products aren’t tested on animals.

✏️ The natural botanical ingredients like wheat and soy amino acids promote elasticity of hair, improve the texture and strengthen the hair. Arginine complex reduces breakage while coconut milk helps to maintain hydration.

✏️ The Soy amino acids gives natural shine and shea butter the softness.

✏️ Ginkgo Biloba present in the hair mist helps to stimulate the roots and maintain the curls. Pink Himalayan salt provides texture to the curls and gives volume.

✏️ The products have ingredients fragrance not very overpowering and are mild. They don’t have parabens, silicones or sulphates.


The shampoo and conditioner come in pump packaging while; the hair mist comes in a glass bottle with a spray.

They use recyclable packaging.

Experience: Like 😊😊 ⬅ or ➡ 🙁🙁 Dislike

👒 Curls Shampoo ► It’s a very mild shampoo. Its transparent and sweet almond oil fragrance is very soothing. It lathers well and leaves you with soft hair.

One tip: For heavily oiled hair, use it twice.

Since it’s mild I thought, I might have to use large quantities but small is enough. Just massage gently on your hair leave it a few mins and wash it off. It doesn’t strip your hair of its natural oils, your hair feels naturally soft.

👒 Curls Conditioner ► It has a very creamy consistency, literally feels like I am applying moisturiser on my hair. Again, the fragrance is very soothing. Its application helps with the frizziness I have seen. When I shampoo it’s soft and nice but with the conditioner, the frizziness is controlled for a longer duration. Also, there is a natural shine post the usage.

👒 Curls Hair Mist ► It helps to untangle and gives freshness to your hair. One of the few mist’s which worked on my hair 😊. Use it for that extra protection from pollution and dirt. If you plan to blow dry or use some heat on your hair this is a must.


It’s very rare that all the products in a combo work efficiently especially for hair. This won’t make your hair magically strong or frizz-free however, over a long term of usage I do find my hair soft and manageable which is a lot. I would rate them 4.5/5. 0.5 because it still has a tiny amount of chemical preservatives but the products surely work. Also, the products are priced well and pretty affordable keeping in mind the benefits.

You can purchase Anveya products on their website. Amazon, Nykaa and Flipkart.

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  1. i suffer from curly hair & related issues now i’m tired of straightening, so i’ll for sure use the curl care combo. Thanks for reviewing the product

  2. I have been hearing a lot about the product. I don’t have curly hair but will check out the other products by the brand. Thanks for sharing an honest review.

  3. I always wanted straight hair too until I saw myself with poker straight hair for an engagement party. They just didn’t suit the structure of my face so I just had to make peace with my wavy hair 😅

  4. Curly hair is a boon or a bane depending on how you take it.
    For those who love their curls, this looks like an interesting product to keep it well maintained.

  5. I am hearing a lot about this brand all across the web. looking like a great option for managing curly hair. my elder one have wavy hair, will check out this for her for sure.

  6. Even I like how this hair care range from Anveya is treating my unruly curls. It is a really good range of haircare range for curly hair.

  7. It’s good to know about this product, I need to check their website to see other range of products as I don’t have curly but straight hair.

  8. I have hair problems all my life but I think these products are going to rescue me. Thanks for the informative post. Loved it!

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