Comfortable Bra to wear with your everyday looks

Whether you wear a 50000 worth designer dress or a 500 one if you aren’t comfortable inside, it would certainly be a disaster. No look can be complete without a comfortable bra beneath.

You may choose to wear a simple T-shirt for a casual day or a strapless dress for an occasion, what makes the difference if your  innerwear makes you feel comfortable and supports your body.

Gone are the days when there were standard designs and varieties to choose from, for your bra, today we have the luxury of choosing from a variety of options which are suitable for your body type, occasion, outfit and of course price.

Few tips to keep in mind before making any purchase:
  • you would want to keep in mind your body shape and size in mind. What may be good for your friend may or may not be suitable for you because everyone has their individual body type.
  • next would be to know what you are expecting in terms of coverage
  • back bands provide 90% of the support so make sure its firm and comfortable
  • stick to a bra that lifts and centres the bust line it would help you look taller and small breasted.
  • cup size should be proportional to your body. Breasts should fill the cup completely and not spill out.

There is one more aspect before buying the perfect bra for yourself, whether it’s padded bra or not. As the name suggests, one has inner padding inside the cups to give a fuller look while the non-padded bra ones don’t have that. The padding is generally made of foam, gel and sometimes even water.

My personal choice is the padded bra one because I have seen the difference in wearing both types. The padded bra ones are much more comfortable to wear, helps in preventing sagging and keeps the breasts firm.

Depending on the requirement, choose the right padded bra for yourself.

T-Shirt Bra 

It’s an everyday bra with soft moulded cups to give a seamless look under a fitted shirt. It gives full coverage and supports even if you are wearing the thinnest tees. You have an option of the wired or unwired bra.

You can choose from various shades right from nude to colours and a lot of prints too.

Also, you can select the padding too low or medium as per comfort.

wired ones…

The Strapless Bra

As the name implies, this bra offers support without the straps. This one is great for special occasions like wedding or parties for those special outfits where you desire the right comfort without any visible straps.

Most of the strapless bra has padding for the best comfort. You can select the colour and design as you like to.

Pushup bra

This type of bra gives a lift and volume to the breasts so that they are symmetric, closer, and fuller. Ideal for a smaller bust line or those whose breasts do not stick high up at the chest.

It’s time to upgrade your wardrobe with these comfortable innerwear options because whether it’s work from home or you are going out, comfortable innerwear is essential.

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  1. This is a very nice guide to select bra,specially for working women and college goers. I like padded bras too.

  2. Yes, its often confusing to make right selection of intimate wear ; thanks to this brief guide we can choose the perfect bra for us.

  3. I will definitely share this post with my better half and close female friends. A lot of women I know of wouldn’t mind upgrading their wardrobe with these comfortable innerwear options. And I agree a hundred percent with you that comfortable innerwear is essential.

    1. A comfortable bra is a must and I believe one shld go for a good brand when it comes to it. As along with comfort the material that touches the skin is also imp. So if its expensive, buy less but make sure to buy a branded one.

  4. Oh . A best fitted bra can change your life literally.. and strapless bras are my favorite. This reminds me of my early days when there were halter neck bras in fashion.

  5. Comfort is of paramount importance in clothing. This is much more in the case of innerwear.They need to be really comfortable and convenient. These are some really elegant as well as comfortable suggestions.

  6. My sister is behind me to change to a padded one since so many years but I was never able to understand why. Now I am interested after reading about how it can keep sagging away. thanks for information dear. helpful for lazy people like me

  7. This post will surely help many girls who falter in figuring out the right kind of bra for their everyday needs. Thanks for this detailed post and clarifying what Pushup bra and tshirt bras are meant for and are not the same.

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