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The penchant for a government job is not new in our country. The reasons are simple there are a lot of private firms offering better packages but the job security along with the benefits during the job and post-retirement is not comparable always.

Nevertheless, landing oneself into a government job is not a cakewalk. There are various competitive exams for fields like – banking, insurance, IAS, Army, Railway board etc. Sailing through these exams is not an easy task, it calls for some good guidance and loads of hard work.

In earlier times, one had to do all the preparations by them-self. Luckily today’s scenario is different we have various guidance platforms one of them being Byju’s – The Learning App.

How can Byju’s – The Learning App, help get a government job?

One-Stop Destination

Byju’s App becomes one reference point for all the competitive exams. They update about the upcoming government exams including all the information about exam dates, eligibility criteria, exam conducting body, syllabus and relevant information with all the updates about it on a timely basis. The candidates could also reconfirm the information on government sites.

What does Byju’s App offer to the students?

As I mentioned that it becomes your one-point source of information. The App offers complete guidance at every step. A candidate can understand the syllabus and reference material which would be needed for studying. They also provide mock entrance tests and previous year’s questions papers for better guidance.

There are two options available on the website – Free Study Material and the second is the paid one.

What does the Free Study Material on the website include?

The Free Study Material includes the mock tests to get an idea about the question patterns, marking scheme and syllabus. It also gives access to previous year’s question paper for the candidates.

For example, if I need to undergo a UPSC IAS Preparation the App helps the aspirants to test their knowledge through Current Affairs Quiz, Prelims Practice Questions etc which helps them identify their strengths and weaknesses. The free course material includes a list of reference materials. video lectures on trending topics and helps to keep the applicants updated about current affairs.

How will I profit if I take a paid course?

If one opts for a paid course then they get access to complete materials. They help in comprehensive preparation for the exams with video lectures from top Indian IAS trainers. The content is uploaded beforehand to give you the ease of studying as per your convenience plus you have the access to all the free content material too.

Why Byju’s makes a good choice?

  • The source of information is reliable.
  • The study material is prepared to keep in mind the high competitiveness of these entrance exams along with the syllabus. Quality of content is given a lot of emphasis upon.
  • Regular updates about the notifications by the government or current affairs.
  • The convenience factor as a single app helps instead of multiple platforms which really helps saves time.
  • Flexibility to the student to study online or offline depending on internet connectivity. It’s very easy to use.

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  1. This app is such a boon for the students. I will definitely let me neice who is preparing for exams know about this one

  2. It’s good that byjus is now offering govt exams courses and one can prepare these exams. And this sounds really great especially during covid when platform like these can help in preparing online. Thanks for sharing the article.

  3. Byju app is really good app. It has got a very good content and the learning outcome is also very positive. I had it’s app for my daughter who is just 5 years old. Their app for the junior is worthwhile to download.

  4. A lot of my friends are preparing for government exams and I think they will benefit from Byjus – The Learning App.
    I will ask them to start with the free study material, followed by paid one.

  5. Such a great platform to educate out kids for government jobs Byju’s have heard a lot definitely will be checking out thank you for information..

  6. I had heard about this app before but never explore it much. Seems like a great app for preparing for competitive exams. Thanks dear for sharing all insights. Many congratulations for featuring in top 100 blogs.

  7. It is good that they have gone into Government exams – that is such a vast arena and it is easy for students to get lost or on the other hand end up spending tons of money. The Byjus’s Learning app is definitely a much more reliable resource for aspiring candidates.

  8. In this pandemic, when students can’t travel to their coaching centres apps like Bjyus plays a great role by bridging the gap of distances and having best educators on the board.

  9. I’ve heard that Byjus has partnered up with WhiteHat Jr. Is that true? With the new education policy coming up…these apps will definitely help alot!

    1. I have been reading about their new association as well however need to see how it unfolds. Yes these apps indeed would prove beneficial for us in many ways.

  10. Byju’s is really a great learning app. My kiddo has benefitted with its videos and session lately specially during lockdown when he needed some extra and detailed information of different subjects and topics.

  11. This is cool, Byju’s is expanding big time. There courses are good and I am keen to see the curriculum of the government,. I will check the mock tests for sure.

  12. I had perceived Byju’s as a player in the education segment focussed on schools and colleges and entrance exams. Nice to see them expanding to include preparation for Government Exams too. It would be a good resource for aspirants appearing for these exams.

  13. Its good to know about platforms like Byju’s have come up specially during Corona Times when venturing out is not a good idea. Apart from being easily avialable, platform is reliable as well.

  14. My friend is preparing for government jobs… Byjus seems really useful! I will share this with her!

  15. Byju’s is indeed a great platform coming up these days. Not only its authentic, but also, Byju’s has ease of access. The world is moving towards Byju’s spcieally during Corona times, this platform is a ‘go to’ one

  16. Byju app is really good app. It has got a very good content and the learning outcome is also very positive. I will surely try checking out.

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