Kitchen Essentials from #NanoNine

A kitchen is a place where we spend a good amount of our time. Whenever we make a purchase for our kitchen we have a few things in our mind –

  • the health of our family
  • the longevity of the product
  • quality and durability of the product
  • overall look and design
  • price

Well, I have added one more factor to it which is whether its

  • environmental friendly too

I can’t say I am doing it 100% however I am working in that direction to my best.

When I made a few purchases recently needless to say they met all the above criteria. I purchased stainless steel products something which has been the choice of our elders however over a period of time, we have opted other options too.

I purchased total essentials and no fancy stuff — casseroles for gravy and chapati, thermos and tiffins. These products are something which I use daily. I purchased it from a brand called Nano Nine.

About the Brand – Nano Nine

Backed by tremendous Industrial experience the company is among the few leading manufacturers and suppliers of kitchen utensils. Insulated steel products are their speciality products. They have a wide clientele – hotels, resorts, and food servicing industries, caterers and household. Their technologically advanced infrastructure helps us match international quality standards.

What did I purchase?

NanoNine Stainless Steel Insulated Clip Tiffin Box

  • This is a two-tier stainless steel tiffin box, it comes with a PUF insulated design to keep food fresh and warm for longer duration and maintain the taste and aroma too.
  • In the two dabbas/containers you can add your gravies, sabzi or chapati. It’s ideal for one person usage. Comes with a small stainless steel spoon.
  • The entire tiffin box can be kept in a washable insulated carry bag which keeps the food spill-proof, a must when you travel.
  • For maximum benefit, fill the product to the brim it helps to keep the food warm for a longer duration.


NanoNine Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Blog 291 - Nano Nine - 3.jpg

  • This tiffin has one container idea for chapati & sabzi or fruits and salad. Again comes with a stainless steel spoon. It has a PU lid which is durable and keep food fresh.
  • This is a space-saving option.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.


NanoNine Double Wall Stainless Steel Flask

Blog 291 - Nano Nine - 4

  • This is a double-walled stainless steel flask, it can store around 1.5 glass of liquid depending on your glass size.
  • The wide mouth makes it easier for us to clean, unlike other products.
  • Keeps liquids hot/cold.
  • Very useful while travelling or sports activities.


NanoNine Insulated Stainless Steel Belly Casserole with Stainless Steel Lid

Blog 291 - Nano Nine - 5

  • This is a double-walled stainless steel casserole ideal for gravies and sabzi. Comes with a stainless steel lid and ladle.
  • Great for serving and you can keep around 2 litres of product in this.
  • Keeps food warm for a good 6 hrs.
  • Looks great when having guests or even for daily usage.


NanoNine Bellyno Stainless Steel Casserole with Glass Lid

Blog 291 - Nano Nine - 6.jpg

  • This is a double-walled stainless steel casserole ideal for chapattis and parathas. This is small in size. The plastic inner is not useful so you can ignore that.
  • The glass lid makes it look very attractive.
  • Keeps food warm for a good 4 hrs.



Please check my complete product review here –



  1. Plastic ab main bhi avoid karti hu, infact stainless steel casserole kai saalo se use kar rahi hu
    Ye glass lid wala bahut attractive hai n tiffin box bhi ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    1. That’s great to know Aunty. Hum sab milke effort karenge toh we can save our environment in long run.
      Glass lid wala cute dikhata hai when I serve in it. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. These are some nice products but I have never used stainless steel tiffins before. Should try this for the kids and hubby’s lunch.

  3. The range is really nice, looking at your list I am going to get the casserole and the single container dabba. My maid kept the usual plastic casserole near the gas while making rotis and you can guess what must have followed.

  4. Thanks a ton for this informative post and for introducing this good quality Nano Nine to me. Reading your description going to get some to take to Dubai after maternity .

  5. Wow the range looks absolutely beautiful and quite practical. Above all the products are safe for long time usage. Thanks for sharing your review.

  6. Really great and very good initiative.. Nice article about the kitchen essentials and really awesome review..

  7. The kitchen essentials look very sturdy and perfect for our busy lifestyles. I am going to stock on to some of these.

  8. Woah this surely looks like a good brand. I love the cute tiffin with small steel spoons. Iโ€™m a hoarder for steel tiffins and this brand looks promising.

  9. I was actually looking for such stuff for my kids lunch boxes. Will surely try them. They seem to be very useful based on your review. Plus being leak proof is another advantage in case one has to carry gravy

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