Vanya Herbal – #ProductReview: Anaarshine – Pomegranate Face Scrub

The market is flooded with umpteen number of brands, some are loaded with chemicals while some with the goodness of nature. Herbal products have been an asset of our rich Indian culture since ancient times. My preference has been tilted towards trying herbal skincare brands because:

  • they have natural ingredients.
  • they are skin-friendly.
  • they work well on sensitive skin.
  • and have no side effects even on prolonged usage.
  • they work the best on my skin.

Recently I got to test a few products from the brand  – Vanya Herbals. I tried their products for the first time and must say they have left me impressed. Before sharing my experience I would like to share a little about the brand.

About the Brand – Vanya Herbals

Starting out as a little venture from home they made herbal skincare products using ingredients from their organic garden and Himalayan gardens. Their products gained momentum and received appreciation from various spheres.

Their brand value is to get maintain the utmost quality and purity and bring to you simple solutions for your skincare. Delivering happiness and satisfaction to their customers is their aim. Their brand believes in 100% herbal products which are vegetarian and environmentally friendly.

Personally, this was one of the reasons which impressed me and I wanted to try the products.

ANAARSHINE – Pomegranate Face Scrub

Product & Ingredients:

Pomegranate powder, Himalayan Orange Powder, Natural Cane Sugar, Milk Powder, Mandarin oil, Bergamot Oil, Orange Oil, Propylene Glycol and Benzoic Acid

✏️ The product has a thick consistency like jam. You can visually see and feel the natural ingredients. The texture and fragrance are not at all artificial which won my heart at the first instance. Its reddish-brown in colour, natural products do tend to change colour over a while. Tip: Always apply any product on your skin with absolutely clean hands.

✏️ Natural ingredients like pomegranate and orange are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. They act as a natural sunblock, astringent, anti-ageing element. This along with cane sugar helps in exfoliation, skin rejuvenation and cleansing. Natural oils like Mandarin, Bergamot and Orange has aroma-therapeutic properties. Bergamot oil has anti-acne properties too. The result of this is soft and hydrated looking skin.

Packaging & Price:  

The product comes in an aluminium/tin container which maintains the quality of the product, further packaged in a cardboard box. Has a shelf life of 2 years.  The price is Rs. 845 for 30 gm.

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Experience: Like 😊😊 ⬅ or➡ 🙁🙁  Dislike

  • 👒 As soon as I opened the box the presence of natural authentic products made me feel great but there was an apprehension will it work well. Within minutes my I overcame this as I saw the result.
  • 👒 The product should be used with rose water or normal water as it has a thick jam-like consistency. Since I wanted to check how it works I used normal water, I applied and massaged the product on my skin. Kept it for 5 mins not more and washed it off. My skin had a natural glow.
  • 👒 My skin had been breaking out, the next day my acne had subsided and skin felt really good. I am currently using it once a week. You require a small quantity of the product, so the product should last you for a good period of 2 months
  • 👒 The only drawback I will confess would be the price and nothing else.

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Overall I liked the product. I give a rating of 4.5/5. 0.5 less just for the price otherwise the product gets 200% marks from me.

You can purchase the products – here 

 “I received the product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.”

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  1. Yes you said it right the market is flooded with such products and the need of the hour is to have a legit product.
    Thanks a lot for such a brief description for the product.

  2. I have used this scrub and found it very gentle for my skin. I also am a big fan of the nice fragrance.

  3. Even I have been using this scrub lately and I like it. I have also used their body lotion and I am in love with it. It’s a nice brand

  4. I like herbal products for my skin. They are good and feel good too. Face scrubs is something I use almost every single day.

  5. Looks like a real good product for a glowing facial skin.
    Except for the cost, it’s definitely worth trying.

  6. The product looks amazing… i need to buy this soon and try it out and since it’s all natural it adds to the value

  7. I like herbal products or off the shelf kitchen products for my skin since it is very sensitive. Very apt and brief description, I will try the scrub.

  8. I like such products which give nice fragrance just like the natural ingredients present in the product. Pomegranate is good for firming and toning skin.

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