Gear Up for #MyFriendAlexa Season 4

Whether you are a new blogger or a veteran, one is always striving to make their blog to stand out. Your blog is your identity in this virtual world, so you want the best for it.

Like there are benchmarks in every industry to determine your standing when it comes to Blogging you have a few parameters too, Alexa Rank is one of them.


What is Alexa Ranking?

Its determines your Blog/Website popularity among the other websites locally & globally. It helps you to benchmark your website against other websites. So for example, if your Alexa rank is among the Top 10 means your Blog/Website is the most popular and gets maximum hits in a day.

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To check the ranking you need to add an Alexa Ranking extension. You can download it from – here.


How can you improve Alexa Ranking?

  • You need to focus on writing good quality content for your Blog/Website.
  • Install the Alexa Toolbar to keep a tab on your ranking.
  • Use of current keywords to drive traffic to your website.
  • Good content attracts more readers and in-turn improves your ranking.
  • In this era of digitalization, social networking is becoming a necessity.

These are a few then you go on increasing the traffic to your Blog/Website through other tools.


Why #MyFriendAlexa with Blogchatter?

On 27th October 2015 when I started my blog I had zilch clue about nuances of blogging. For me, it was a platform to share my life experiences with everyone and which has been my honest attempt to date. However, as a blogger, you wish to spread your work and experiences. I just posted randomly on my Blog and shared it with few friends. I had no clue how to share my work with more people or how to increase the footfall to my blog.

One day randomly I saw registrations open for #MyFriendAlexa it was the first season and I just registered without knowing what I am heading into. I wrote and I read and just focussed. Through different channels, Blogchatter motivated me to continue in this endeavor to improve my rank. Guess what I was the second runners up of the Season 1. Yay!

Blogging is not only about writing content it’s a journey where each day you are learning and evolving yourself into a better writer through the exchange of knowledge and reading. Reading is a powerful tool of a writer! One of my major learnings from the season.

Living beings have always grown as a community. So in our professional life too our colleagues become a medium of exchange of knowledge, our guides, our mentors and motivators. So how does a blogger sitting at home connect with fellow bloggers, that’s where a community like Blogchatter steps in. There have various campaigns and training sessions throughout the year for the benefit of we Bloggers.

#MyFriendAlexa was a stepping stone in my Blogging Journey, it carved a new path for me. I got a chance to connect with like-minded bloggers, learn as a community and made some really good friends.  So when the fourth season was announced there was no reason for me to wait for signing up.

Head here to sign up for #MyFriendAlexa – Right here



Let the fun begin this September😊👍



  1. Blogchatter is something that all the bloggers must be a part of and my friend Alexa seems to be a great initiative by them

  2. This is really informative and quite insightful. I’m definitely going to try this and try to improve my ranking with alexa. Thanks for sharing this

  3. Have heard about this challenge but never took it. It requires a lot of commitment. The rewards are really good.

  4. Really good tips for increasing the Alexa ranking.

    These would definitely help in increasing the blog visibility.

  5. I had been wondering how to make my website more appealing in terms of traffic. thank you. signing up right away.

  6. True… blogging is a journey . And we learn so much. Nvr heard of my friends alexa before.. thanx for sharing. Will enroll myself in it

  7. Even I have participated in #MyFriendAlexa campaign. It was very helpful. With lots of reading and writing, I became better and also my website ranking improved drastically

  8. My friend alexa is definitely a great way to increase the blog ranking and authority… I wish everyone luck whoever is participating! 🙂

  9. Content is king and in the long run the better content that you have on your site will ultimately lead to better ranking. Also posts need to be optimized for SEO too.

  10. I have never participated in my friend Alexa but completed A to Z once. Alexa one really helps a lot. I’m planning to do this next year

  11. When I started blogging in 2017 I was like you. Just wanted to share my thoughts. Now I have realised there is so much to learn and obviously I was not doing it the right way. This is my first season of participating in Alexa and I am really looking forward to it. All the best to you!!

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