Thank God for International Calling Cards

I love travelling both Domestic & Internationally. When we travel Domestic we have no problem in connecting with our loved ones at any point in time. However, if you are a frequent International traveller then you would understand that our modes of communication get restricted. The internet has surely got the world closer, however, for communicating we have to opt for any of the following methods:

  • activate our international roaming
  • use local communication methods from the destination
  • buy calling cards


I personally prefer buying calling cards beforehand for two major reasons.

Firstly, my family needs to know my whereabouts where they can connect with me without any issue.

Secondly, my personal experience.

During one of my official team visit to Egypt, we did not choose the International Roaming option as it was damn expensive for 4 days. Hoping that we would have some local options available, we went ahead without choosing the international roaming. The last call to my family was when I boarded the flight from India. We had a transit flight and when we finally reach our destination, I was eager to call and inform my family. We tried to contact them once we refreshed ourselves, however, the hotel communication was not working for some reason, plus the adhering to the itinerary becomes important when travelling in a group. I borrowed my colleague’s phone – the only person who chose international roaming. I spoke exactly for 60secs to keep my family updated on the status and promised to call them from our first location on the itinerary – the Egypt Museum. Once there I was expecting some option to call my family from there but the search ended in a disappointing way. I just could not find an option. My prayers got answered in the name of calling cards. They were very expensive –beyond imagination. I ended up speaking to my family with one eye on the time. Communicating throughout the visit was difficult as the cards weren’t available everywhere. I learnt a hard lesson and told myself to be prepared for this in future.

Even with WiFi option – restriction is there. We need good connection and also have to include the time difference. WiFi could be irritating at times.

Since then in my travel list, I have a travel SIM card mentioned. I purchased my TSIM’s International SIM cards for a single or multi-country depending on my travel.

Reasons for choosing TSIM?

  • Country-specific card. Multi-country options are also available. I personally have a Refundable Lifetime Global SIM Card because it works in 165 countries.
  • Depending on the country I get maximum benefits of call and data options.
    • best calling rates
    • excellent after sales service
    • tailored-made plans/ flexibility
  • I can do online recharge and get things organised in advance.
  • Most importantly it’s trustworthy.
  • I also can buy travel medical insurance and travel accessories from the same site.


Go for it. Why regret later?


  1. Yes..even my brother who is settled in abroad tell the same thing that calling cards are really a life saver and it helps to connect to family and friends…glad you shared as many don’t even know about it

  2. International calling cards are very expensive. The TSIM is no doubt giving most affordable packages and wider countries are covered

  3. This sounds really helpful. I live in the UK but I often have guests from India here. My sister-in-law and my nieces come here atleast twice a year and they have to get their international roaming activated everytime. I am going to suggest them International calling cards and forward this post to her. She is coming again in June so she can save some money in Roaming.

  4. You know I was exactly looking for this thing as we would be travelling soon. Thank God these international calling cards are there.

  5. I am a frequent flyer and I think at times you just take getting an International calling card before hand so lightly. But it is really important preparation before international travel. Will check TSim.

  6. This is really great for people who often travel. I will recommend this to my friend who travel often.

  7. That’s quite useful and impressive The card has a lot of benefits. Makes communication easier while travelling especially short term.

  8. So this post reminded me of my telecom days when we used to design ICC. Yes the main reason of these cards is that they don’t cost you a lot of bucks compared to what you could incur if IR is on.

  9. International calling cards very important when you plan a trip abroad. TSIM is giving most affordable packages and wider countries are covered and thats amazing.

  10. Honestly saying I was completely unaware of these sim cards, thank you so much for sharing this amazing bit and making us aware about this concept. I am definitely sharing this with my friends too 🙌

  11. International calling cards are a saviour for someone who travels frequently . Will gift one to my brother. Hope that would be helpful for him

  12. Calling cards are such a boon. Thanks for this detailed info about them. I have used so many calling cards when I was new in Singapore. Really helpful to be connected to the loved ones.

  13. Beautifully written and very useful information. Calling cards is a must while traveling abroad. It makes our life much easier. Sharing this link with my friends who travel frequently

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