Keeping Your Eyes Healthy – Need Of The Hour

‘Beauty Lies in the Eye of the Beholder’

True that right?

At the same time, taking care of our eyes is equally important for our overall well being -especially in this digital era! Except when we sleep, its our eyes which make us feel and live in the world around us! Choosing the right eyeglasses or sunglasses to take care of our eyes is of utmost importance.

Why it makes a difference?

Lets focus on Sunglasses first.

😎 Wearing sunglasses protects your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun which could lead to cataracts and also the “blue light” from the solar spectrum which increases the risk of macular degeneration. It helps your eyes adjust to the brightness of the sun while driving or otherwise also.

😎 Also, helps in warding off Photokeratitis a temporary yet painful sunburn of the eye due to prolonged UV exposure.

😎 Frequent exposure to dust, wind and UV radiation can also cause Pinguecula, a non cancerous growth on the white part (sclera) of the eye.

If I see from another perspective –  Sunglasses are a glamorous accessory which never goes out of fashion and helps you stand out. Now that’s a cool & smart way, isn’t it?

Choosing the right eyeglasses is obviously important because it not only provides accurate vision but also maintains it further for your life.


Some point to keep in mind while buying Sunglasses…

  • 👓 The label should read as 99-100% UV absorption or UV 400.
  • 👓 The glasses have to be tinted /colored it can be green, rose, brown need not be very dark.
  • 👓 Larger frames provide better coverage.
  • 👓 Sunglasses made from plastic may lead to distorted vision when you see from right to left, so better not to buy.
  • 👓 Choose as per your face type.
    • Square Face – Round frames, Aviators, Clubmasters
    • Round Face – Square frames, Clubmasters, Wayfarers
    • Long/Rectangular Face – D-frames, Wayfarers
    • Heart Face Shape – Clubmasters, Round Frames


What & Where to Buy?

Branded Eye-wear & Sunglasses is the best choice, because you dont want to compromise on ‘quality.’

Unlike earlier times eye-wear & sunglasses comes now with unlimited options to chose from right from Classic, Contemporary or Trendy. You can have multiple options of frames for fashion, work or sportswear.

You have many options from where you can buy either eye-wear or sunglasses or both but my choice has been Eyeglass and Sunglass brands available at Titan Eye Plus

  • they have best and latest collection with 600 + options to chose from for everyone in the family including kids. Colors for lens or frame, choice of frames or shapes you have a plethora of options here.
  • you have multiple price options suiting your pocket and some great discounts too not to forget.
  • you have brands like Rayban, Ready Reader, Titan, Fastrack, Tommy Hilfiger, Dash for Kids and Stepper.
  • they have online as well as stores. Online they have a live chat facility too to aid you to arrive at the correct choice.


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To share with you personally, TATA as a group is trusted one by me and my family members. Titan as a brand has been there for ages and when they have their own range of eye-wear and sunglasses there is no looking back for other options for me. The quality, range, affordability and customer experience everything gets taken care off.


A good eye-wear is an Investment!! Make the correct choice 


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  1. I have been wearing specs and am very particular about them. I normally order from India through a friend but never used Titan, though. This post carries so much of valid information on glasses and ray-bans.

    1. I am glad it was useful in some way Vishal. Learned myself a lot while researching on this topic. Titan has a good range if you want to check, they have an online store too 🙂

  2. There was a time when I wouldnt step out of home without my sunglasses. But now that I have vision glasses, I forget to use sunglasses. But I realize that I must use them. Thanks for an informative post, I liked the idea of picking sunglasses as per your face shape.

  3. Sunglasses are my favorites all time. Being a high myopic and contact lens person, I prefer them for my eyes comfort and health. I use the sunglasses I got from Blogadda for my Parentous articles.

  4. Eyes are so precious and it is important to protect them. I am about to buy a new pair of sunglasses. Now these pointers will help me make a good decision.

  5. I have been getting my glasses from India. Since I used to wear glasses, I was never in a habit of wearing sunglasses. But now when I don’t need glasses a lot, I think I should consider getting a good pair of sunglasses for myself.

    People pick sunglasses that suits their look but they forget to keep the shape of their face into consideration. That plays a big role in how comfortable they are.

  6. I usually wear sun glasses but never knew there were so many benefits of wearing one. Great tips to choose an eyewear too.

  7. Definitely saving this. Both for knowing which shape fits my face as well as the info on what to look out for

  8. I do wear shades most of the times when stepping out, but had no idea it had so many benefits too 🙂

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