Perks of Traveling!

What makes you happy simply could be a hobby or doing something which you like. Since childhood I enjoy traveling but rarely got many opportunities to travel. As a kid, I eagerly awaited for those days when travel meant visiting relatives because it still meant traveling and meeting new people on the way, having a great time with cousins and relatives and coming back with some wonderful memories to be cherished for lifetime.
My desire to explore places got a boost post marriage. In the last 2.5 yrs, I have visited few domestic as well as international locations which has been immensely satisfying. Saying Yes to Travel is not just visiting a new place but its an opportunity to learn about a place, get a glimpse of their culture, meet new people, make new acquaintances and carry back a bag of wonderful memories for a lifetime.
Our travels have been in groups either with known or unknown folks but all have been a fab experience. Even a small bad piece leaves you with so much to learn.
What it has taught me if you ask?
Communication: With different places you learn to communicate better and are more reciprocal in hearing others. You meet so many people and especially in group travel with so many cultural diversities you learn to come to a common ground. To share a recent experience we had been to Antalya and since it was a huge group the seating arrangement for our group always used to be full. We found a separate spot for our lunches and dinners. The person who served that area took a liking for us and everyday spoke to us, shared so many cultural facts about the place, gave us tips and shared about his desire to visit our country. We were unknown to him and vice versa but simple Thank You when he helped us on first day made him come to us everyday and share so many wonderful things. Language was an issue but we found our ways.
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Ek to banta hai at the favorite spot
Group Travel: You learn how to travel effectively and especially when you travel with friends and family the relationship always deepens and you look forward to many more experiences together. Plus you have support when you are caught in a tight situation. Fun doubles and pain lessens in groups. If you have been following me then you must have read about my accident experience but thanks to family we got over it much faster and got control of the situation better.


                                                    Let me click till all sit in the bus
Associate: When you read about the place which you have visited you associate things better. Like if I have been to a historical place and then I see about it in news or study about it association is better. When I visited Egypt knowing about pyramids it broke a lot of myths I had heard about it before visiting it.


                                             Knowing more of the history
Traveling surely helps in many more aspects but most importantly it makes you receptive, its gives you new ideas to explore, makes you more open minded you don’t remain confined to boundaries.
Never leave an opportunity to explore a new place its a beginning of discovering something new!



  1. Travelling means beautiful memories for me. I don’t like it much, but i enjoyed it whenever i visit any place.
    Awesome post. 👍👍👍👍

  2. Travel and the world of knowledge opens to you. How true! It was a pleasure to peek into your learning from travel. I loved your clicks with cricket bats, Manisha.

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