We all need one! #BhasadKaTheEnd

“I am just exhausted, ” she said after placing the final dish in the cupboard. That’s how the day-after goes when there has been a family get-together over the weekend. Weeks of planning was visible in how happy the fun-filled weekend went. Finally, we sat down and as we started sipping our coffee I could see ‘exerted but happy mom’ after putting up a grand show for the entire family. When 15 people come together it converts to a grand party! 6-months ago a similar get-together ended up being a last-minute rush for me and my sister. She was the trolley puller based on the list given by mom and I was the body-builder to pick up the heavy bags. The panic and stress were evident on our faces. But this time around, it was pleasant for all of us. I could enjoy the starters and spend more time with family and relatives rather than running to the grocery store for last minute arrangements. So what changed this time? How mom was able to manage it so efficiently? Did my multi-tasking mom and sister work some magic?

The minute I picked this topic, she silently passed her mobile to me without taking her eyes off the newspaper. She was engrossed in it as if it was final mugging before the exam begins!

“DoneThing. What’s this mom?”

“The reason for such a wonderful weekend. I could plan everything in advance. The app reduced the stress which I went through last time, gave me enough time to take care of your sister with her doctor-visits and also continue with my work hassle free. You always dream of having a personal assistant who can reduce the stress and panic? Well, let’s say in simple words – this app is my personal assistant.” She said it with a sense of pride and got back to reading the newspaper as I finished the last bite of my Sunday brunch.

“Mom, can you reschedule my appointment date? We may have to visit the Gynaec. this week. Can you please call her?” came the voice from the bedroom. By now, mom was used to these mood swings. “Few more months to go”. She winked smilingly at me and calmly went to see my sister. These moments make it worth the travel for me. Staying out of town for my MBA hadn’t reduced my excitement to welcome the new member in our family.

As I kept my mom’s phone on the table, my mind was back to working and planning for the return and things to do. So, without wasting even a second, I picked up my phone, searched and downloaded my personal assistant! We all need one, don’t we? DoneThing.

End panic in life with DoneThing – #BhasadKaTheEnd.

Download the app from https://goo.gl/4egDxw

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  1. Bhasad kaThe End seems the application for Bhulakar like me who always forget everything. A lovely write up in story form that engages, Mehak:)

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