When I heard about the new Limited Edition Maggi – Masalas of India it became a must try for me.

I am sure there are a lot of Maggi fans like me so I thought I would share a review of all the newly launched 4 flavours – Amritsari Achari, Mumbaiya Chatak, Super Chennai and Bengali Jhaal. I tried 3 earlier and today I tried the fourth one. Took some time to get hold of the Super Chennai flavor.


Firstly I see Maggi is trying a lot of experimentation with launching new flavours which are good, we get to try them. Earlier I tried all the 3 ones from Hot Heads and comparing this range to that one I would prefer the Masalas of India. Peri Peri and Barbeque Pepper were surely worth trying but the Green Chilly one was a disaster for me, because of its taste it was not palatable for me.

The 4 different flavours from the Masalas of India reflect the combinations of Indian spices from different regions of India – North: Amritsari Achari which is seasoned with pickle-spices for a tangy Achari experience. Red chillies, kalonji, cumin and coriander are the key ingredients.


Does it really taste like an Achari Maggi? Well to a certain extent. There were ingredients which are present in North Indian pickles like mentioned above also Saunf which is a key ingredient in North Indian pickles. It wasn’t too spicy or sour, little pickle flavoured this flavour was fine. I would rate it as neutral on my scale not too bad nor too good.

Blog 144 - Maggi - Masalas of India - 4.jpg

Next, comes Mumbaiya Chatak with cinnamon, star annise, kasuri methi and cloves. This represents the West region of India. Mumbai where we all love our chatakedar foods, this seems a good representation of the region.


This among the 4 indeed has a sour taste, it’s not very spicy but a combination of spice and sourness. On a scale of 5, I would give this flavor a rating of 4. I liked it, would surely like to try it again.


Then comes from the East: Bengal Jhaal with aniseed, mustard seeds, fenugreek, cumin and kalonji. The East represents high usage of mustard in their food and with a lot of spice.


The taste has indeed both the mustard flavour and spiciness. Personally, I don’t enjoy the mustard flavour a lot. To rate it I would give it a 3.5 score

Blog 144 - Maggi - Masalas of India - 10.jpg

Last but not the least the South: Super Chennai with curry leaves, sambhar powder, tamarind and mustard seeds. I liked this one too. Lots of curry leaves with sambhar taste not much of a tamarind though. I think a perfect representation from the South. I had to wait for a week to get my hands on this flavour and share my complete review. I would rate this one also as 4.

Blog 144 - Maggi - Masalas of India - 11.jpg

I am sure you all would be waiting to try it. Do share your experience, I am eager to know as well. Hope my experience helps.

Tag me in your pics with your Maggi for sure.

Happy Memories with the New Maggi – Masalas of India.

Click on the link (pic) to Buy –

Amritsari Achari

Mumbaiya Chatak

Bengali Jhaal

Super Chennai

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, it’s my unbiased review based on my personal experience.

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  1. All I wish if have read this post little earlier, have got my grocery yesterday along with 2 big maggi packs… my daughter is crazy for maggi. Your review made me crave for the tangy twisted flovored maggi.


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