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Every year we look forward to occasions to celebrate –  be it birthdays, anniversaries or festivals and even special days it can be anything. We look forward to making it a memorable day with our loved ones. What adds the cherry to the cake is gifts. As much as we love to receive them we need to give them as well.

Honestly, for me, gifting is a task it’s a lot of online gift idea search, thinking what would match the personality of the person I am gifting and finally, would it suit my pocket as well. I really think a lot and then buy my stuff. As much I want to make it special for the person I gift, it’s special for me too.

Obviously, I would have tried a lot of websites in my search to find good gifts and I came across a website called as just very recently and it’s a one stop solution to selecting and sending gifts for sure. I have never seen so many options to select a gift as per occasion, gifts as per personality, age and relationship, personalized gifts and gifts by category.

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April and May are full of special occasions for us and since I liked so many things on the website I could not resist but buy something for myself. I would like to confess something I did not order something asap as I could not make my choice. I shared earlier I usually think a lot but not so much, I was just so spoilt for choices. I wanted to buy so many things, so my selections used to change every day. I wanted something from home decor or something for someone special and even something for myself. Then I saw a leaf shape tray and I just brought it, it was lovely and I am glad I picked that one.

You know what, the website ships order to 150+ countries including India with the same day delivery network in 300 cities in India. Convenient and faster delivery time, I received my product within a week. They have easy payment options. My first experience sailed through comfortably.  The package was packaged properly and no issues any.

I have checked box all the test parameters for this website and trust me it passes with good marks. I don’t give good marks so easily because I am an online shopping enthusiast and have faced a lot of problems. I am sure we all have with the big names so touch wood I have had a good experience with this one. I look forward to more greater shopping experiences with them.

This is what I got, isn’t it pretty ? I loved the product quality and the box also to store it –

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This website is more special as they collaborated with me for my first giveaway. I wanted more and more people to know about them and I am glad they agreed. I held the giveaway on my Instagram account and the winner was Aditi Pal. I extend my heartiest congratulations to her. Hope to see what she brought. Aditi is a blogger and has a YouTube channel.

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  1. The gifts are very cute and I love personalized gifts to give. It injects a sense of value, bonding and personality that finds expression. Lovely post.

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