X Factor

I think most of us would have heard this word by now. I would be honest I heard this the first time in Indian Idol 1.

Indian Idol 1 was one of the first reality shows and the concept was new so enjoyed watching. Every time they would say X Factor is there or missing. I used to wonder what the hell is this?

In today’s competitive world you need an edge over others to prove yourself. You need to stand out. You need the ‘X’ factor. Sometimes I feel too much pressure with the concept of X factor. It’s my thought, you may or may not agree with it.

We need to show e[x]tra care, e[x]tra love and e[x]tra efforts in all aspects. This is fine sometimes.

The Cambridge dictionary says – “a quality that you cannot describe that makes someone special”ย 

I believe we all are unique and are gifted, we just need to find our core strengths and work on them.

Be your original self. If you have to stretch ourself then we should improvise to grow, find our talents to work on them, be happy and always help others. We are not perfect, that’s our plus point. We can strive towards it rather than not doing anything.

We all have our ‘X’ factors we need to identify them. Instead on forcing something we don’t have if we start identifying our core we will automatically find our specialities and excel.

What do you think?? Do let me know your thoughts too.


Reference:ย http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/x-factor

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  1. Well written , Yes it’s true that in today’s competitive world we need to Show that X Factor to prove our self , but the best way to do this is Not Loosing your identity in a crowd , Be Yourself , we all are gifted with few special qualities , we need to find them out ๐Ÿ™‚

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