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Meet Ms. Priya Kumar, she needs no introduction. An award winning best selling author, internationally acclaimed motivational speaker CEO and Chief Facilitator of Priya Kumar’s Training Systems.


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Let’s know more about her journey…

My journey so far has been multi-faceted.

In terms of personal growth, my work has allowed and pushed me to grow far beyond my time and my age.

As a motivational speaker, my job is to inspire people of different ages, with different educational and cultural backgrounds, from different professions, some even way to senior and some even more accomplished than me. I have to constantly change myself, upgrade my knowledge and skills and constantly improve myself. And that has made me the biggest beneficiary of my own profession.

Yes, possible, can do, will do, achieve, over achieve, contribution, positivity, success, fame, purpose, passion, power and more … form the basis of what I do and who I am.

These are things that people look for in their jobs and these are the things that are a part of my job. And in acknowledging that I have learnt to believe that every job holds the potential of greatness. The onus of that potential coming to life is in the hands of the driver, you and me.

As a professional, I have to constantly take a back step and re-study and sometimes even unlearn. To be relevant and relatable I have to constantly re-invent myself and renew my game. And that is something that keeps my job on a super exciting edge. I feel everyone should indulge in that. This is not just limited to the role of a motivational speaker. In fact, if everyone would do this, I wouldn’t have a job anymore.

Love for people and a genuine interest in contributing toward their progress is my purpose and is the driving force behind everything that I do. And that trait had brought me happiness and satisfaction which means more than the money that I earn. I know many people who earn much more money than I do and are unhappy and dissatisfied with their work and their lives. That in my opinion defeats the purpose of your professional expression. Your work should bring you the greatest joy and that comes from creation and contribution.

As an author, I cherish and thrive on the creative freedom to create any world that takes my fancy and bring it to life with my words. It’s almost a creative and spiritual relief to sit and write stories.

All the stories that I write are inspirational because I believe in responsible writing. I believe that if you have invested your time and your money in buying and reading my book then I owe you hope, I owe you a key to a better world and a better living. All my stories hold that key.

The stories that I write change me. They bring me answers to questions and confusions that are pertinent to my life. And as I crack that puzzle in the story, my life straightens up in that accordance. And when that happens for me, I know it will happen for the reader too.

In all I do, money is never my target. It is always my target to have value reach my audience. Money has always been a by-product of that vision. The greatest happiness comes in reaching the goal of delivering the value. That is my greatest reward for in delivering that value, it is me who becomes more and more valuable.


Challenges – faced & learning’s…

Challenges that I have faced are reflections of my own short comings. There are no complications outside. The major handling is always within, it is our inabilities or our own unwillingness to confront situations and to do whatever it takes to get the work done that come in that way as self-imposed challenges.

Everything can be handled. Every problem can be solved, if you are willing and if you are committed.

And I am committed and willing a 1000%. Every challenge has redefined me in ways that have made me better and stronger.

I had never intended to be a motivational speaker. But because I rose to the occasion to help my mentor in his speaking assignments, I discovered a speaker in me. I was only 22 years old then. I could have withdrawn giving some valid excuses on why I could not speak to an audience twice my age on a subject I had no authority in. But I was willing to stand up and I was willing to fail. I was also willing to prepare and practice and in doing so I became bigger than I was… I did something I never dreamed possible.

Throw me a challenge and I will take it up.

There is nothing that can deter me or hold me back from participating in life in both darkness and light.

People who shy away from challenges have to accept a mediocre life. Because greatness lies in the overcoming of challenges. The victory is never professional it is always personal. It is the person you become as a result of the overcoming of the challenges that is the greatest gift. Because you will find more in yourself than you thought possible.


Goal for the next 5 years…

In the next five years, I want to publish 100 books.

I want to make 5 feature films that will make a difference in the lives of people.

I want to get onto every communication medium to put out the message of goodness and greatness stronger than the force of negativity that comes at us as a constant influx.

As much as that is an honorable purpose it comes at personal inconvenience and personal expense and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make my life worth the living because I know what I am capable of. And in this lifetime, I want not only to do justice to that but also to discover more of myself in the process.


Message to all the readers…

Let your life be your message.

Let your living be an example.

Actually, whether you like it or not, you are building that anyways.

When you are gone, the talk at your funeral will total up the quality and purpose of your life.

What kind of example you will leave behind will determine the value of your life.

Will your life be quoted or forgotten? All of that will depend on what purpose you led your life by.

Look at the people who passed away, are they a part of your daily mentions? Do their lives inspire you when you are beat? Do their words lift you up when you are down? Does their character guide you when you are lost?

They must have done something worthy of your memory if your answer is yes.

Lead your life such that your light continues to shine long after you are gone for one day you will be no more. Immortality is in contribution and in creation. They live on long after the creator leaves.

Leave a legacy of your character and your contribution and you will lead the best life ever.

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  1. Loved the article. It is so true that we constantly need to challenge ourselves in order to keep growing.

  2. Oh great to read about Priya Kumar …I read her few books n reviewed too she is one author who connects to her readers with her stories

  3. Immensely superb dee
    love ur thoughts 😘😘 nd way of explaining ur point ☺❤❤ all the best for near future 😘😘

  4. I have read Priya Kumar’s books and found them very motivational. This post was as motivational as are her books. Loved reading it.
    Thank you, Mahek, for this post!

  5. Interesting to Know about Priya and her nuggets of wisdom. First time on your blog. Hope to be back soon again. Cheerio! 🙂

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