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All the posts in the series have been straight from the heart, however, this one is special. When I started my blogging I was alone without any background and basic knowledge. I was moving on. One glance on twitter about #Blogchatter without knowing anything changed so many things. Gave me a new beginning, a platform to learn new things and a community support. Heartfelt thanks to everyone associated with #Blogchatter and Richa of course.

” Some people bring a change through their voice and bringing people along”                 

So Meet Ms. Richa Singh the person who is a Design Engineer, Writer, Social Media Influencer and she is the face behind Blogchatter.

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Let’s know more about her journey…

For a very large part of my life I have been saying no. No to almost any sensible and naturally acceptable life choice. Given this as a background, saying yes to Blogchatter was probably one of the toughest things I had to do as a person. There are still times when I believe I should shut it down and perhaps let it die a slow death on its own. But honestly a random tweet, that email filled with love saves the day. In addition to bloggers, the love and support we have received from our associated brands has also helped us believe in our self. The fact that in such short time they have helped us figure out our model better and even validate through different campaigns further pushed us to sustain.


Challenges – faced & learning’s…

Challenges so far have been mainly centered around communicating the business model. In India even today, the concepts of blogging, social media influence are very skewed towards brands and agencies. This conversation that we have almost each day in putting across our thoughts to brands about blogging is so far the biggest challenge. Learning has been various forms of patience so far 🙂


Goal for the next 5 years…

In next five years we wish to branch out to offline activities as well. A 360 degree model of Blogchatter where all online mediums and offline avenues are offered as assistance to bloggers and brands alike. Investments that need to be driven for same are now being planned at our end.


Message to all the readers…

As always start showing up for your dreams. Mostly it is about being there for your ideas than anything else. It will not be easy but at least it will be a start.


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  1. Wow! I didn’t know about the person behind blogchatter. This is a great post, to know the minds behind a great online blogging community

  2. I’ve known Richa on social media as someone who believes in giving wings to her dreams. The concept of Blog Chatter is what dreams are made of and the heart falling in the right place. I agree with this statement, ‘n India even today, the concepts of blogging, social media influence are very skewed towards brands and agencies.’ It’s something that I never believed in and agree with Richa content is King-my words. Kudos Mahek for bringing Richa’s story out.

  3. Thanks a lot Manisha for the feature. I am sorry I reached here so late .. It feels very special to know that Blogchatter is touching people’s lives- very idea behind it has always been so <3 🙂

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