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Mayura Amarkant,
National award winner, Woman Business Leader in Digital Marketing & PR

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Meet Ms. Mayura Amarkant with so many achievements, the more I talk would be less. Success comes with hard work and she has reached great heights, she manages her home and professional commitments with equal dedication and enjoys all moments of life. Lots to learn from her for sure. Let’s get started then…

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Let’s know more about her journey…

An exciting roller coaster of achievements & experiences. That is how my journey has been.

I was born to an illustrious family where education was given prime importance. It was a blessing to have great friends who shared an avid interest in academics. I watched my parents climb the success ladder as famous lawyers in Mumbai. They have been a constant source of inspiration.

All through my academic life, I have combined working with studying. I turned into a tutor at the age of 11, it brought a sense of responsibility. My parents celebrated my first salary of Rs. 50 by taking the family out for dinner. A day later, I happened to find out that the shampoo I used was for Rs. 150! I had learned the lesson my parents were wanting to impart.

Looking back, life has been a balancing act: I balanced my mother’s illness with my ICSE examinations, my work as a tutor with my college studies, my work with my marriage, my role as the eldest daughter-in-law with my friends and so on. No wonder that I have delivered several talks on “Work-Life balance”.

My entire academic life is dotted with several accolades, each one brought me closer to my family and paved the path for further success. After I completed my studies, I took up the challenging roles in several capacities as a Corporate Communications & PR person. My career in freelance journalism also started around the same time.

I met my soulmate, Amarkant Jain who hailed from a completely different background than mine. The first thing my father-in-law told me was, “You don’t have to change for us. Remain the way you are, follow your heart and make us proud.” With my recent national award as Woman Business Leader in Digital Marketing & PR, a major milestone has been accomplished. My mother-in-law has been the pillar of support in my journey.

Life changed when I married Amarkant. He and I are like chalk & cheese. I draw strength and inspiration from his calm stance. He is the most sorted and mature person I have ever come across – a constant source of positivity. I learned to introspect and work on my flaws. That is how I emerged like a butterfly from a cocoon. Around the same time, I wrote two books that are being used as reference books by MBA students. I also edited a coffee-table book for a popular Theatre Group in Mumbai. A book of poems and a novel were also penned during the same time.

Amarkant and I are blessed with two beautiful children. Motherhood is my most favourite role.

I met my mentor, CA Sunil G Karve in 2004, he came as the best blessing that one could ever ask for. Life has been such a wonderful experience under his care and nurturing.

I was always interested in the online world. My life as a digital marketer started about 3 years ago when I met Digital Maverick, Tushar Khakhar who offered me the role of Lead Connector at AGENCY09. Life has been extremely exciting ever since. Several years as a Corporate Communications, PR & brand expert allowed me to pick up the nuances of the digital world quickly. Today, I am consulting top companies and lending strategies to enhance their brand image offline to sync with their offline image and future plans. My vision is to take on the digital world with practical & realistic brand solutions that will allow companies to reach their goals and add to their bottom-line.

I started my blogging journey, it’s a bloggazine that contains inspirational interviews, causes I support, parenting tips, stories, poems and much more. About 35,000+ people visit the blog every day.

I observed another common thread in my professional and personal career – that of a trouble-shooter who thrives on challenges. It would be apt to say that I have dedicated my life in the service of the world. I simply love helping people in their times of need. I am the most resourceful person I know.


Challenges – faced & learning’s…

There were several challenges that I faced during my journey. It is difficult to pinpoint a single challenge here. However, I learned that friends and family is the most important factor in one’s life. If one has a support system that consists of genuine friends and a caring family, no obstacle is large enough. Another thing that I learned was to remain in constant prayer. I pray all the time, it gives me strength. I don’t like going to places of worship since God resides within me.
I am blessed with supreme sense of self. I simply love myself and that is what gives me the confidence to succeed in everything I do.

Another thing that I learned is to stand up for what is right. Never worry about the consequences. “Sacche insaan sey duniya darti hai.” Positivity has the power to change every negative person/situation. If the person/situation doesn’t change, then it will leave your life forever.


Goal for the next 5 years…

Well, this is a tough one. I can attempt to highlight a few here.

Several materialistic goals like publishing my novel, taking over the digital world, buying property etc. Some family goals like taking care of my parents and in-laws forever. Sibling goals like going on a vacation with my sister, brother, co-sister/brother & their families. Spiritual goals like coming closer to myself and the Supreme. Parental goals like being the best mother in the whole world. Marital goals like being the best partner my husband can ever dream for etc. etc.


Message to all the readers…

Be like water, adjust to every situation. Remember that if frozen and sharpened, water can pierce like a knife and if cooled, it can be a lifeline. Don’t bend for the sake of bending and don’t give in just because you want to keep someone happy. Life is about taking a balanced decision at each step of the way.


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  1. I know Mayura just from a year I think and must say she is most amazing personality!! She has a positive aura which keep u going
    Love u babes!!

  2. Mayura is crazy and a great friend who never cease to inspire. Cool chick, angry young woman, professional to the core…she never refuses to tender a helping hand. She is a brand in herself who will go places:) Truly inspiring.

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