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Meet Ms. Jas Johari currently world speed reading champion, certified by Tony Buzan. An innate book lover she started ‘Jungle Book” for children. Let’s know more about her.

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Let’s know more about her journey…

An MBA & MDIT from Symbiosis I am extremely passionate about guiding children in their growth path especially in their ‘formative years’ Almost 15 years ago – I embarked on this journey and along the way, I upgraded my skill sets & knowledge base – keeping pace with the accelerated rate of change observed in society.

I started my entrepreneurial journey with NIIT’s LEDA program which introduced kids to computers. Then, my innate love for reading books prompted me to start ‘JUNGLE BOOK’ – as a Library exclusively for children – in 2001 & has over 6,500 books which have benefitted thousands of children in the age group of 3-12 yrs. In 2005, I became the FIRST INDIAN to be awarded the License to teach ‘Mind Maps’ (originated by Tony Buzan). In 2007, I qualified as the BUZAN ADVANCED LICENSED INSTRUCTOR (again, the FIRST in India and the ONLY one presently…) which permitted me to teach ‘Speed Reading’ & “Memory techniques” too.

Being exposed to International Conferences, I realised that the Brain needs to be fed information in a manner quite different in the way it is presently being done in regular academics. This prompted me to introduce a variety of programs which activate the inherent strengths of the Brain. The I-Maths, Speech & Drama, FasTracKids, Art and other programs help children learn in a ‘Brain-Friendly’ manner while having FUN!


Challenges – faced & learning’s…

One of the main challenges I faced has been to convince Parents & Students – that Learning can be FUN and irrespective of their past achievements (or lack of it) – they are all GENIUSES. It is important for parents to acknowledge that teaching a child HOW to Learn is way more important than teaching them WHAT to Learn. My top learning from all this has been –to be persistent and not to aim for short term gains. Good work speaks for itself.


Goal for the next 5 years…

I feel I have reached the stage, where I would want my work and learnings to reach a larger audience. I invite like-minded individuals to come forward and join hands with me to take this to all corners of our country. Let us all start a ‘Learning Revolution’ where every child/ individual gets an opportunity to reach his potential. In the next five years, I want to take ‘Jungle Book’ to every part of our country.


Message to all the readers…

Believe in your dreams and don’t pay attention to naysayers. Everyone is unique and a success, waiting to be discovered.

The Human Brain is capable of doing a lot, lot better than what it is presently being credited with. Once shown HOW to feed information to the Brain in a ‘Brain-friendly’ manner – the level of efficiency & performance increases exponentially – and that too in a very short period.

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  1. I am enjoying the series of sharing with us the journey of such inspiring souls who are making a huge difference to lives. The project of Ms Johari is very interesting and I feel a connect because of Pune, the place where I first started life:) Great initiative Mahek.

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