Captivating or Budding Author? – Meet Ms. Gautami Shankar – a budding author

Age is just a number. You begin to achieve your milestones as you are born. Everything is an achievement waiting for celebration.

As a young girl, you have dreams in your head and a great future awaiting for you to unfold. And if your dream just takes shape you don’t have words to define them.

Meet Ms. Gautami Shankar a budding author. This 19-year-old author recently penned down a novel called “Love in the Pink City” which got published on the 14th of February.
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Let’s know more about her journey…

It was an amazing journey but certainly not an easy one. Sometimes, there were hurdles and bad days. And other times, things were better than I could’ve ever imagined, at times they were simply perfect. Looking back now, I think I’m happy that I didn’t give up during those bad days because it was all worth it. Also, I feel that I’ve not only become a bit wiser but also a bit more considerate person after writing ‘Love in the Pink City’

Challenges – faced & learning’s…

I feel that writing a novel is like walking in an endless dark tunnel where you do not know if you’ll see the light; it is unpredictable and a huge risk especially if you are working on your first novel and plan on becoming a full-time author. You are investing your most precious thing, your time, without any guaranteed outcome. So, there is a huge fear of failure too. However, I’ve come to learn that with persistence and dedication there’s rarely anything that can’t be attained.

Goal for the next 5 years…

I want to be a successful author but I don’t want just numerical success in terms of book sales, I’d want to write the kind of things that evokes a response within people, the kind that resonates with them and makes them feel deeply. Apart from that philosophical goal, I’d probably want to adopt more pets and find the love of my life in next five years.

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Message to all the readers…

The world has been losing that connect it had with literature and with each passing generation, lesser and lesser people have been reading. So this book, Love in The Pink City is my attempt at trying to get people back to books. If you are one of those rare species that reads, please do encourage others to read books and feel that connect with literature again.


Know More:
About the Book:
Stella Lawrence is a classic workaholic- she is the head of one of the top business consulting firms in New York, she spends long hours in her company of her projects, and she looks every minute of it. But being a workaholic has its own difficulties- she has no time for family or friends and she definitely has no time for love, especially since she had her heart broken in the worst way possible. Little that she know that her life was going to go through a complete transformation when a project brings her to Jaipur to work with the royal family, no less.
Prince Raghav Singh Rathore is a tall, dark and handsome – with a clash of brooding
intensity and disarming charm. He finally has a chance to prove himself worthy of his
family’s legacy and he had to hire the best of the business – Stella Lawrence – for things to be absolutely perfect. However, someone is determined to sabotage Prince Raghav’s plans and in the process the royal family as well.
Amidst family politics, betrayal, blackmail, and conspiracies, Stella and Raghav are about to find out that love finds one in the unluckiest of places indeed.
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About the Author:
Gautami Shankar is a 19-year-old student currently pursuing her Bachelors in History at K.C. College. She has written a variety of things ranging from micro fiction to academic papers. She likes to write screenplays as well and is a member of FWA (Film Writers Association). She is also a regular writer on Wattpad, where she first started writing the book “Love in the Pink city” at the age of 15.
Apart from writing, Gautami loves to read classics and is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer.
She lives in Mumbai with her parents and her dog Akira. You can tweet her on
@GautamiShankar and follow her on Wattpad @Gautami_Shankar.

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  1. Omg! She is just 19 year old and wrote h novel. Hats off to her 👍👍👍
    Thank u for sharing with Mahek 😘😘😘😘

  2. Gautami is an inspiring young girl who has dreams written all over her. This young gen deserve all our respect for believing in our creative pursuit. I know her college very well and one time when I was young, was hanging out there on my way to Oxford bookshop at Churchgate:) This post reminds me of our Mumbai. Now, Gautami is inspiring me to go and write this book. Best Gautami and may you shine.

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