#Review: Snackible – Healthy Snacking Options

The love of snacks never die in me and in search of healthy snacking options, I came to know about Snackible. I had tried few of their products earlier so it tempted me to re-order on a larger scale. They have two options – subscription box and secondly, you can directly buy the snacks. I thought to share my experience with you on the same.

All products come in separate packaging in a box with an expiry date of 30 days.

Heading straight to the snacks I ordered.

Oats & Chia Chocolate Bites:

Ingredients: Oats, Invert Sugar Syrup, Cornflakes, Milk Chocolate, Organic Sugar, Vegetable Fat Oil, Brown Sugar, Jumbo Oats, Oats Bran, Vanilla Essence & Trihalouse

My thoughts:

I love chocolate, actually who does not. I don’t have a sweet tooth but when it comes to chocolate I can’t resist much. So if I feel like having something sweet anytime or have chocolate cravings then this goes in my mouth. I don’t like too sweet products so this is perfect. I don’t feel guilty also after having it.

I brought a 70gm package for Rs. 70.

From my side its a yay – 😀👍

Baked Bhakarwadi:

Ingredients: Gram Flour, Sugar, Spices, Edible Oil, Iodised Salt, Refine Flour, Condiments and Citric Acid

My thoughts:

I love Bhakarwadi and Chitale Bandu like everyone,  is my favourite too. Baked version was like ok, let’s give it a shot. Baked version is pretty good. I liked it for the love of Bhakarwadi and considering it’s baked so less oil. Obviously, the Chitale Bandu ones taste yummier but this is not bad either. You need to develop a taste for it.

I brought an 85gm package for Rs. 65.

From my side its a yay – Neither too good nor too bad ☺

Oats Honey Raisin Cookies:

Ingredients: Oats, Raisin, Honey, Butter, Castor Sugar, Refined Flour

My thoughts:

After reading the ingredients, I read about butter and refined flour and I wasn’t so happy. However, you need some of them to bake it right. The taste was sinful. Having it with tea, it melts in your mouth. I love oats, honey and raisin combination so must have for me surely.

I bought 7 pieces for Rs. 175.

From my side its a yay – 😀👍

Fruits Medley:

Ingredients: Dried fruits

My thoughts:

I brought a smaller version to try out. As the name suggests it was a medley of fruits. Pineapple, apple, kiwi etc. I just liked the kiwi bit. There was cranberry to in it which was nice. Overall I enjoyed it but not a wow one for me.

I brought a 50gm package for Rs. 65.

From my side its a yay – Not too good not bad either ☺

Herb and Cheese Makhana:

Ingredients: Makhana (Foxnut), Olive Oil, Iodised Salt, Oregano, Mint, Paprika, Basil, Cheese coating (Cheese, Maltodextrin, Corn Starch), Natural Antioxidants

My thoughts:

Cheese is another favourite. Thinking of the cheese and herbs products available, I chose this one. It was not disappointing, though, I enjoyed it. Good flavour with Makhana, I liked it. For your cheesy cravings, this is a good healthy option.

I brought a 25gm package for Rs. 45.

From my side its a yay – Not too good not bad either ☺

Dark Chocolate Ragi Cookies:

Ingredients: Ragi, Dark Chocolate

My thoughts:

I loved it. Pure indulgence of chocolate and some healthy stuff.

I bought 2 pieces for Rs. 50.

From my side its a yay – 😀👍

I also got Banana & Chia Granola Crunchers, Seedy Crunchers and Vanilla and Almond Granola Crunchers. These were ok for me.

You can place your order at http://www.snackible.com/

Do share your experience if you buy any one of those.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review

Pic Credits: The pictures are taken by me and some from the website for a better look at the products.

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