Letter to Mother Nature

Dear Ma – Mother Nature,
Hope you are doing great and in your best spirits as always. 
Although, I ask you this question there is a sense of guilt inside me. I know you will always hug me and say I am great as always. Deep inside I know the pain we inflict on you every day, hurts you. You always smile, you are Ma na, a mother only cares.
We drain you,
You smile back


We misuse and abuse,
You give us life
We leave no stone unturned to think about OURSELVES,
You give every bit of you for US.
Still, I have the audacity to ask you because you are a mother. You care to the hilt. The breeze of air, the free-flowing water, the hills, mountains and trees all stand by tolerating US.
You do show your anger but you still have been a lot tolerant than US.
We are a bunch of people who can’t tolerate an insult and throw bombs.
We are a bunch of people who abuse even at the slightest tickle of disagreements.
We are a bunch of people who care less even for our elders and friends. We don’t have time. We don’t have the love.
We are a bunch of people who differentiate to gain superiority.
We are so inferior in front of you. We are kids fighting in front of your eyes and you see us like this day in and day out. Your heart would be bleeding looking at us but still, you don’t lose hope on us.
Pray Ma we get your qualities and we learn to respect you. Just hug us and forgive us for our misdoings. Don’t lose hope on us. 

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