Get Ready: Upcoming Festival & Wedding Season – 1

Festivities have begun and October has in-store something for everyone. In addition to it we may have some functions and weddings to attend. All geared up?

Let’s prepare our To-Do List together and get ready to rock the show.

Looking at your best involves having flawless skin and hair, perfect clothes and right accessories. Let’s focus on each of the aspects in some detail. I completely believe that beauty if not the outward its “Beauty is being beautiful inside out.”



  • Cleansing – Toning – Moisturising your CTM routine should not stop. For sensitive skin, you may choose La Roche Posay or Avene products.
  • Exfoliation should also be an important part of your routine.
  • You can’t forget taking care of your body.
    • Choose light moisturizers or heavy depending on your skin types.
    • Hand creams are a must for functions because AC takes away the moisturization. I love The Body Shop hand creams or even Marks and Spencer has some good collection.
    • Not to forget the Spa oils from The Body Shop collection, must-have for this season. Great for skin and love the fragrance.
    • You have bath salts from Soulflower or Fuschia – Vkare.
    • Exfoliation is a must for the body too. Fuschia – Vkare again is a skin-friendly and good variety.
  • Drinking water and nutritious food are as important. Remember Dieting shows on your face. Eat the right food. Nothing is more important than being healthy. Would-be brides, very important for you.
  • Sleep is the gateway to good health and great skin. Never avoid your sleep. Internal glow reflects externally.





  • Strobing and Contouring is the new mantra for the season, so do go in for it. You have great brands available in India now. We have seen NYX stores across India. L.A Girl as well, they have some amazing contouring products. You can check
  • Use your creative skills and power of colors this season. I see a lot of color play.
  • Use shimmer for those special occasions. Body shimmers are also a good option for the glowy tan. You could check this Gulnare Glow Girl Shimmery Dry Body Oil (Received this in my My Envy Box – July Edition).
  • Mascara or fake eyelashes whatever suits you.
  • Depending on the make-up choose nudes or bold colors for lipsticks.
  • Don’t forget your nails – matte, neon or shimmer – choose as per your choice. Nail art lovers one more occasion for indulgence.
  • People who love Mehendi you have options – temporary or permanent, traditional or color based, heavy traditional designs or Arabic. Explore!


( Join me in these short series for the upcoming festival and wedding season in three parts.)

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Disclaimer: These are my views and not a sponsored post.

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