On the ninth day Maaย Durga is worshipped as Siddhidatri. Siddhi means supernatural power or meditative ability, and Dhatri means giver or awarder. She fulfills all the divine aspirations and completes the mundane.

The Goddess possesses half body of Lord Shiva and has achieved all the 8 siddhis. Lord Shiva is called as โ€œArdhanarishwaraโ€ as the half body acquired by the Goddess.

Blog 50 - Navratri - 1.jpg

I am equally capable and equal as others. If I want I can achieve my goals. I can conquer my roadblocks to reach the destination of my journey.

Sky Blue is the color for the day.

Jai Mata Di. Hope you enjoyed this series.

God Bless.

Pic Credits: http://www.indiatemplesinfo.com/india/hindu-goddess-siddhidatri-mata-photo-gallery/

Disclaimer: These are my thoughts and learnings gathered through experiences and reading. I donโ€™t mean to hurt anyone. I wish to share my learnings from each day.

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