Dosti he hai Zindagi

Friends are lifelines. I couldn’t sum up what friendship means to me in more than these 3 words.

“Have you ever cut a watermelon cake?”

“From one day birthday event has it ever become a birthday week because, your birthdays are in the same week?”

“When you talk, does it seem like time is flying by?”

“Have you ever sat together and eaten a paratha with your favorite soft toy?”

Ya, we have together done the silliest things which we have enjoyed to the hilt and these would be in our memories for life.  My lifeline, my guide, my teacher – words fall short to describe.

When she is engrossed in her work, we could just not disturb her. Sabko bolte the jao puchke aao, is she coming for lunch. But I never used to go. Her look was enough to give those jitters. Daant thodi khane the. Ab who akele baithke sochte hoon toh hase aate hain. I miss those moments.

Lunch was never brought or ordered ki mujhe kya khana, we used to get for each other. Hum lunch order karte the because humhe pura bharosa tha she is there to finish it. See you should not waste food and as she tells me that I eat like a bird, how I can finish everything.

I have never called anyone at 12am but she was always a call away.

We were colleagues and became friends. Time has been testimony to our friendship wherein, we have struggled through ups and downs. We have fought and not spoken for a month. We have been grilled for that. (She knows what I am talking about and I am sure she would have a hearty laugh whenever she reads this).

I have had many firsts with her – my first trip, my first pyjama party at home.

I still have her number saved by her secret name.

I don’t believe in the concept of best friend and all. I have very few close friends which mean the world to me.  I have shared a lot with all of them. I can re-initiate any discussion from where we left. They have helped me grow and learn and be sane at lot of times. I know they are standing with me always in my thoughts, in my prayers and in my heart. I wish good for them always.

I am also happy to discover some new friends who are family now through my #MyFriendAlexa campaign.

“Dosti ke pehchaan ho tum, mere dosti ke shaan ho tum

Tumhare chale jane ki kabar se dil ghabrata hai

Tumhare saath bitaye paalon ko yaad karke dil muskurata hai

Bhul na jana mujhe es duniya ke bheed mein

Ke tere dosti mein kisi ke khushiyan bani hai

Bahot mil jayenge tumhe dost is duniya ke mele mein

Par humein yakeen hai hum hi yaad aayenge tumhe akele mein”


I have shared some great moments which are my most loved memories now and will remain. And we continue to create more memories together…

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I am sure – the friendly banter between the hosts and with the guests, we would see some lovely memories being shared and some revelations would be in-store for us.

Love and Best Wishes to my Lifelines.



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