Navratri – Day 3

On the third day we worship Maa Chandraghanta. Her name means “one who has a half-moon shaped like a bell”

On agreeing to marry Maa Parvati, Lord Shiva brings in the marriage procession or baraat of Gods, Sages, Aghoris etc. When Maa Parvati’s mother Maina Devi welcomes the baraat which has arrived, she faints in terror. Maa Parvati takes the form of Maa Chandraghanta to persuade Lord Shiva to apprear in re-appear in a charming form for the marriage.


Maa rides a tiger. For the evil spirits she is danger while, for her bhaktas she is a caring, kind and compassionate mother.

I learn to be fearless and follow the right but at the same time be caring and loving.

Get ready in Red, which is the color of the day.

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Disclaimer: These are my thoughts and learnings gathered through experiences and reading. I dont mean to hurt anyone. I wish to share my learnings from each day.

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  1. Love the information you give out. I especially love the color of the day concept. Didn’t know about it. Let me dig out something in red for today . 😊

  2. Yet another post that’s so apt for women . We constantly need to walk the thin line and maintain a balance between being fierce and being nurturing. At work , at home and while we are putting across our point in a discussion as well [ online and offline] … very interesting takeaway 🙂

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