I was awaiting for Gannu Bappa to arrive and I thought, to take you all through this trip. Come Along with me for Darshan..

Bigger idols are generally brought ahead of the festival considering the transportation, also the people can start with the decorations. One of the first Gannu Bappa being taken to the pandal…




Finally he comes home…

Yes Gannu Bappa came home… I had fun-filled 3 days. Cleaning then decoration and the wait ends, Gannu Bappa comes home..


Evening Look –

That’s Me obviously – the light within

Bidding Adieu: the most difficult part 😦 😦 😦


At Virar: A Murti made of pearls. Cant express the beauty of it.


with lights, a wonderful sight to see..


At my friend – Taruna’s House: The theme was simple yet eye catching. As per my friend the idol had a look similar to Lord Buddha. Peaceful !



Kedarnath Theme Pandal, Borivili, Mumbai: They recreated Kedarnathji.The outside was wonderful

hold on, check the interiors…


yes full pandal was illuminated with oil diyas. The site was amazing. They recreated Kedarnathji also.


At Borivili Station, Mumbai: Beautiful Murti near the station



I got a chance to visit Surat, so I am sharing those pics as well. One thing I noticed is that with the bigger Murti I saw a lot of small Murtis. It was always more than 1 at many places.

At Surat Station: Loved the Golden work



Surat City – 1: Loved the way smaller Murtis have been arranged


Surat City – 2: Peacock features made it look more beautiful



Surat City – 3: The Pose



Surat City – 4: Loved the Theme… Serene



Surat City – 5: Cloth detailing makes the difference



Back to Mumbai, check this one at Malad station




Hope you all enjoyed this trip with me..

Take Care & God Bless!


Yes ‘I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level withΒ Blogchatter. #MyFriendAlexa

Participating in an event for Blogging, I had many questions & doubts. Will I be able to manage? Β We complete 2 weeks and it has been fun. Right from reading amazing posts, interacting with new friends and getting my Alexa Rank. The team has been awesome. Thanks All.

Hoping to reach a new level – Alexa Traffic Rank fromΒ is 11,237,399 has gone to 1,556,163. Got a India Rank to – 74190. Cant share my excitement.


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