#BookReview: The Calling – By Priya Kumar

I have read many books but never written a review, so one of the many firsts.


A day comprises for 24 hours, each hour of 60 mins, each min of 60 secs. Am I Right? You may be wondering this girl is crazy, this is basic knowledge a school going kid knows. What’s the need to write this? It’s very important because in this crazy rat race where we all belong to, we forget the basics to learn the complicated advancements. Actually most of the things can be solved with basics not high end stuff. In the rat race we don’t listen. We have forgotten to listen to other and most importantly ourselves!

We have responsibilities which we need to fulfill, completely agree. We have an eco-system which we have to nourish, completely understand. We fail to understand one thing; we need nutrition to nourish everything. Like we need food and water, we need to be healthy inside. Know what we are meant to do in this Life. We need to know ourselves, why we are here and to do what – “There is a reason bigger than going to work and making money”

Before starting the book, I had an urge, a sense that something is going to change. A change, which was gonna be positive. It attracted me. I got the book on 3rd September and was just waiting to read but, due to some commitments I was unable to find time. Finally, I got my chance last Saturday which I did not leave and completed the book in one day. I wanted to share my experience; I wanted my everyone to read it. I always think for others first, give more importance for everyone’s well-being and in the bargain sometimes suppressed my “Calling”. Sometimes you know what going wrong but you need a hand to hold, an eye to make you see and shoulder to cry to make you realize. You sometimes just need “The Calling with the force that You.”


Thoughts are a magical which can make your world go rocking down or sparkling as heaven. Whatever you do, just Believe in Yourself. I think a lot of problems could be resolved. Life is journey to discover you, sow the good seeds always. Sow good thoughts, love and happiness; make way for a wonderful bright future.

The Book comprises of 11 Chapters –

  • Why don’t good things last
  • The journey
  • It takes long
  • The blue hand
  • The circle of life
  • The failed test
  • The second test
  • Everything changes
  • The stone
  • The good seeds
  • The purple thread unraveled

We are so scared to fail, to fall down. But in the book there was so much more meaning added with each failure. A story of a man, Arjun, whose life was in a complete mess who faced death, to begin a journey or spiritual adventure only to discover his true self. It also makes us understand that how realignment not only helps us but also makes our very own eco-system positive and full of life to face happiness and challenges with equal zeal.



“I’m Chandu, sahib.” He looked at me intensely. “I am a listener” I listen to the world. I listen to the energy when it shifts out of balance. I listen for unhappiness. I listen for change. And when I connect with the source of that unrest, when I connect with the willingness for change, I send out a calling. And I wait. I wait for them to follow their guidance, to arrive here in the mountains, so that I can help them listen — to their purpose. And when they listen to their own voice and the power it holds, my job is done with that particular soul.”


Unravel the hidden thoughts to find yourself, a newer you. Complete this journey along with Arjun to meet yourself.

Hope you will share your experiences with me soon.

Happy Reading! Discover “The Calling – Unleash Your True Self.”

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Thanks for this beautiful note. It will be treasured for life always.


About the Author:

Priya Kumar is a best-selling author of eight books and has won eight international awards. She is also a renowned Motivational Speaker and has worked with over 600 fortune companies across the globe. Her eighth book “The Calling—Unleash Your True Self” which falls in the genre of Inspiration and Personal Growth, has been released.



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