Siblings – Bonds of Love and Hate 👦👧👨👩

Most of us have siblings and we are fortunate people. Some of our best bonds are with them. They are our secret SOS friends, rivals and partners in crime.

The age gap, gender and parental preferences play a important role but still this bond of love and hate is unique and will always be special.

In earlier times with larger families the equation would be different between all siblings and it had its own charm. We have either one or two. Going forward things are changing but still.. The number of hands to do all those naughty childhood activities would be lesser but fun continues.
We all have our share of those fond memories which can add life to any dull day.

Age gap and gender define nuances of your sibling bond. The activities together or likes and dislikes would depend on these factors to a certain extent. Maturity levels would be different. But still you find your ways of special moments.

Parental preferences is also one of the key factors helping in defining the sibling bond. They can make a strong impact. Differentiation in love or comparison about anything, making gender based differences, fulfilling demands of any one and suppressing other has a lot of impact on a child. Above things can be managed but if parental preferences make an impact psychologically it could have really bad repurcussions. You dont wana be the reason of their tears but the reason behind their smiles, right?

I am not a parent but from my understanding whatever gathered through my life, these issues need careful solutions. As a parent we can make differences coz we may wana learn and grow at the same time its your responsibility to explain the difference to your children. Treat your children alike. Dont have stark differences for any one of them that later on they stop loving their parents. Give them your love and make them understand the changes. Be parents and be friends. Its your creation by differentiation dont ruin it but add colors to it to make it beautiful.

They deserve their bond of love and hate.

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