Are we indispensable?

I wish…

Who does not wana feel wanted always, right? We have our own roles to play and we are important but world won’t stop for us. “The show must go on” few simple words defining the cycle of life. Life doesn’t stop for anyone it continues; it did and will always do.

Will there be a difference? Hmm…

In the rat race we belong to, we ignore our true happiness and just keep running. Bhaag Milka Bhaag… We would be Milka Singh only in mind and pace not on actual ground may be. Sir Milka Singh has a name, does anyone bother about us… No ya…

Lets go out.
…no some other time
Lets plan a reunion
…sabke time match nahi hote yaar
Health check up …
…abhi umar he kya hai…
Aaj late hoga
…workload bahut hai..yeh week pura late hoga…next month meetings
 Yeh saal ek family outing zarur plan karenge
…next year again… yeh saal pakka


You may think whats all this? Don’t we ignore our small moments of happiness or may be moments for ourselves. Dude we are living for ourselves also. Don’t you get it?

We are important for our family and friends and yes we are running for them. Yes we need to earn and live for them. But balance yourself also; don’t make work and other things so important that you forget the people for whom who are slogging. Even family forgets you if you don’t make time for them, even though you may slogging your ass for them.

We are not indispensable anywhere but to answer the question we are important to our near and dear ones.

Work Hard, but make time for your love, family and friends. Nobody remembers PowerPoint presentations on your final day. ~ Chetan Bhagat —– I completely agree!!

We hold our importance in their hearts. “Yeh Zindagi sach mein na milege Dobara”


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