Miss…The Communication!

Communication, just another thirteen-letter word or does it hold some meaning? Think!

Probably it does.

It holds a lot of importance when we look back at our lives. Life would be so much easier if each and every letter of this thirteen-letter word would be understood properly. Communication plays its role in every second of our lives, in all circumstances – we are in the office with seniors & colleagues or within family & relatives and of course our friends & spouses and don’t forget even unknown people around us. Every day we are communicating in different languages in different forms with everyone.

Everything is communication in different forms. 🙂


Ever wondered why communicating is becoming difficult?

Circumstances, maturity and understanding play an important role in getting the right interpretation of the communication. Interpersonal relationships matter as well.

Communicate with everyone effectively; be it your home, office, or any place. It’s easier said than done; give it a try maybe a lot of problems could be solved in and around your life. Maybe you would realize that your parents can be your best friends.

Just speak…..Just communicate…Don’t let the frustration inside you turn you into a monster.

Boss fought @home removes anger on employee… His frustration now is been shared by his employee also which gets translated in his work and in turn, when the employee goes home it gets removed on someone else…and the cycle continues…

Working female comes in the evening tired, listening to boss & colleagues and then she has to attend to another female called mother-in-law. Wonder how the husband feels in such situations?

Girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses fighting because they don’t have time to communicate with each other… things become nagging for one leading to fights…irritations…frustrations…

Are we like living for this? Is it that tough to resolve conflicts?


After any fight we think who will break the ice and say sorry; decide – what’s more important –

People whom you love or your ego?

Will your ego give you love, care, food, appreciation, money etc. to live?

Be it a cold war at home or not giving time to parents may be lots of small issues which adds to the clutter of our mind can get resolved.

If a small child smiles at us even though he/she is not related still we carry that smile forward, right? Why can’t we spread the smile? We are communicating with our body language and with our actions.

I am not saying I haven’t made mistakes; I have…..plenty of them!!! Trust me it may look like a fizool ka gyaan right now but what you give to others comes back to you in some form. Let’s create an environment to speak up and be cordial and enjoy your lives. We all know these things somewhere, let’s start implementing.

Small steps can do wonders!!
When you are old or about to die and look back don’t have regrets…. have memories.  Create memories!!!


  1. The most attractive about this blog is it’s name
    “Zara Hatke Blog”

    and the posts are so random that they are all uncategorized thoughts!

  2. Communication is very difficult indeed mostly because it’s all about us now, we have lost the trait of “Listening”… If we don’t listen no matter how much one talks we absorb so little. Sad but true.. Wonderful article, I wrote an article named I don’t want meaningless conversations, please once which explored this topic in details as well.. Wonderful thoughts.

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