Happinetz: A successful parental control filter for your kids

Music and Dance are something which always catches the attention of kids. We both enjoy listening and singing so it’s inevitable that Anaaya, our little wonder of 4 is exposed to it. She has enjoyed singing karaoke since she was 3 and she keeps on improving as she is growing. She pushes us to listen to songs on TV, YouTube, and even while driving.

Once while she was watching TV one of her favourite songs came up on a channel. But right about the time when the song finished, other music videos started coming up that I felt weren’t age-appropriate. As a way to mitigate the impact, I switched off the TV, and right there a huge fight ensued with her! You wish that there was a parental control filter that could block all the harmful content which I don’t want my child to get exposed to at the wrong age.

A similar concern was raised when she was surfing YouTube to watch some cartoons and Bollywood songs came on the home page which she started surfing.  Music and songs are something, as I shared, we enjoyed but the content which is there isn’t for all age groups. I also strongly feel that today’s Bollywood songs aren’t appropriate for children, the visuals and lyrics sometimes don’t even make sense to me. As a mother, your antennas are always on alert mode thinking what’s best for your child in these digital times.

Harmful exposure is every mother’s concern because you may have a time limit for your child on the gadgets but what they are seeing is something not always age-appropriate.

A parental control filter then becomes a handy tool for me. It keeps an eye on Anaaya when I am unable to be around her. Also, it is more effective because it will just block the content and we won’t have those unnecessary arguments which can be tedious sometimes as to why she can’t watch that content.

The question that comes to mind is does such a parental control filter exist?

Well, I feel there is always a mother listening to another mother’s problems! I am glad to have come across Happinetz, a safe internet for kids box that is a Make in India parental control filter.

You may be wondering what this device is all about and how does it help?

Happinetz  Box can be connected to your WiFi router wired or wirelessly. Once you connect, you need to download the app and register your box. After you are done, go to the WiFi settings on your device and you will see Happinetz WiFi. The details are there on the installation manual which comes with the device. You need to enter the password and log in to that network.

How does Happinetz act as a parental control filter?

A parental control filter I was looking for to provide safe internet for my child was found in Happinetz. I connected my mobile to Happinetz WiFi because that’s what she uses if the need arises and the TV set.

When I add any new device to the Happinetz network, I can give that device a name for easy recognition and do the settings as per my need. Happinetz gives me the flexibility to set internet time limits on the gadget along with ensuring only age-appropriate content is shown. Guess what, I can check history and insights as well to know what my kid has been watching and for how long.

There is a lot of thought process that has gone behind this parental control filter. Common concerns that most mothers like me have been addressed with Happinetz.

The best part was how easily Anaaya adapted to Happinetz. She saw the device with the message #SafeInternetForKids and the name and the tagline caught her attention. We told her it was a pre-Birthday gift, especially for her.

She sees to it that the WiFi on the phone and the TV has a Happinetz connection as we have told her it’s a special connection only for her. She feels happy about that. In case it isn’t connected she will connect it and let me know if there is any issue.

We have time limits set for her but now there is a device that is also helping me to track the usage and keep the time limits without any delays. I can track her history in case I am not there keeping a watch on what content she is getting exposed to. And these insights are for my eyes only!

Happinetz is a great parental control filter, an extra pair of vigilant eyes to keep a check and monitor the plethora of information and content our kids get exposed to.

We can’t stop the usage of digital mediums, we all know the pros and cons. However, we can direct it in the right direction and Happinetz has proved to be that key for me.

Check Your Happinetz Box here.

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Disclaimer: This content was created as a part of a collaboration, however, it has been made sure that the content is helpful and provides value to the reader.


  1. I like this box because we can connect multiple devices to it. So whatever my kids use are connected to it. In case I need to, I can just pause it from my mobile.

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