Eliminate the negative effects of winter on your skin with Perfectil

The past few weeks have been hectic with all the festive fervour. Additionally, we had a lot going on at our end, so it’s been a stressful yet fun time.

As November sets in, winds have become chilly in the morning and evenings even in Mumbai. One would say Mumbai doesn’t have winters yes as it’s not very chilly compared to many places. But that’s winter for us. Trust me one thing that is common across, irrespective, is our skin bears the brunt of all seasonal changes.

Winter is harsh on my skin as it causes it to become extremely dry and dull. This could be the case with many of us, I am sure. This year is different for me though. My skin with Perfectil usage has been much better. It’s been a few months since I started using this product and I am feeling the difference in my skin and hair.

How does winter impact our skin?
  • During summers or when the temperatures rise high, the skin produces more oil. When the temperatures touch down it’s the opposite reaction. Drop in temperatures results in dryness of the skin and hair.
  • There is less humidity in the hair and more usage of heating stuff which further aggravates the situation.
  • Dry winds and temperature variations irritate our skin barrier further resulting in dry, flaky, and itchy skin.
  • To maintain our body temperatures, we layer on clothes and consume less water which results in skin dehydration. The layers of clothes increase the friction with our skin affecting the acid mantle or hydrolipid barrier. This layer is made of naturally occurring oils and lipids which protect our skin. Any damage to this barrier makes our skin more susceptible to external stressors.
  • Usage of hot water on our skin can’t be completely avoided in very chilly places, this again has an impact on the skin. Our skin loses moisture and dehydration increases dryness.

Every season calls for special care for our skin however, the winter season does require extra effort on many fronts.

Some tips and tricks to follow in winter:
  • It’s time to use mild and gentle products on the skin. Strong chemical-laden products can aggravate dryness.
  • Use organic skincare products or products with mild surfactants which will not damage your acid mantle.
  • Even for your hair use mild products that help maintain your natural oils. There are chances of winter dandruff which can be frustrating as it becomes very itchy on occasion so the use of products should be well thought of.
  • Moisturise, moisturise, and moisturise only that can get your skin through tough weather conditions. Use products that will keep your skin hydrated. Do it more often throughout the day.
  • You could use a humidifier to counteract the air dryness caused by heating equipment. This will make the environment more bearable.
  • Take lukewarm showers instead of hot ones.
  • Apply sunscreen. Winter is no excuse for not applying it. Sun damage is equally possible in winter.
  • Lip and nail care are one of our most avoided areas by us. We need to keep them hydrated as well by frequent moisturisation.
  • As much as your body needs good products on the outside, what goes in matters too!

My skin with Perfectil usage has been quite different, unlike previous winters in a positive way.

My experience on my skin with Perfectil

Personally, my skin becomes so dry that I used to get cuts on my fingers and wrist in winter. Yes, that’s how harsh winters are for my skin even in Mumbai. I emptied bottles of moisturisers. My skin demanded a lot of attention. My lips turn extremely dry with cuts if I miss out on my lip balms even for a day.

Itchy dry skin was a big concern for me. If I miss out on my body lotions, you could see white dry patches on my legs.

I started using Perfectil and my skin with Perfectil has really shown an overall improvement. You may take 3 steps test to find your customized vitamin recommendations.

As the mercury started dropping, I did add my regular winter products to my grocery shopping however, my skin behaves and feels differently unlike previous winters. My skin with Perfectil usage has been nourished from the inside. The dryness is less, and the skin feels more hydrated. My skin elasticity is much better which is reflected in less pain when I stretch my skin. Every morning when I wake up my facial skin feels hydrated and soft and not dull.

Overall, there is less skin roughness, I feel less itchy, and there are no cuts on my fingers and wrist which is a big relief!

I intend to continue the usage of this product as it has really helped me. This is a triple-active beauty multivitamin. I was going through the product details and found out about their clinical trial that states Perfectil helps to:

· Maintain skin relief
· Maintain skin elasticity
· Prevent skin roughness

These results indicate that the skin is prone to seasonal changes during winter. The data also indicates that Perfectil is a safe treatment with no side effects & prevents or even eliminates the negative effects of winter on the skin. This French Clinical Trial proves that even in the Alpine severe winter; the skin does not age with Perfectil.

This is exactly how I feel from the inside out about my skin with Perfectil. Have you tried this beauty vitamin yet?

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla.

Image: Brand Website & Pixabay

Disclaimer: This content was created as a part of a collaboration, however, it has been made sure that the content is helpful and provides value to the reader.


  1. I may have lived my whole life in humid countries but if I would to share my two cents when it comes to cold weather, having a great moisturiser would always go a long way. Having your skin taken care of from this harsh weather is really a need.

  2. I have a dry skin and winter is my favorite month but face lots of dryness, itchiness. A good quality moisturizer is must must for me. Have to take extra care in winter only😉 but I have to make a habit for every season.

  3. It is important to stay hydrated during winters. We often miss that since we don’t sweat in winters. I have extremely dry skin and heavy moisturizers do help. Can’t use the supplement due to Vitamin B.

  4. I have weird skin, during summer it becomes super oily and in winter it becomes super dry. I moved back in Mumbai with my family in this november from Delhi but I am noticing one thing that my skin is getting super dry here as well although it isnt cold here. But yes I am taking extra care of skin even here and following winter skin care routine because who knows.

  5. Moisturizer is something I wholly bank upon when it comes to winter care for my skin. It keeps my skin hydrated, supple and soft. Yes, I have a mixed skin

  6. Although winter is my fav season, I really wish it didn’t come with all the dryness cuz like you Mahek, my skin gets very very very dry… my hands, lips, face, back, legs, feet everything. However, I’m not too sure of consuming vitamins but since you are vouching for it n if it can help extreme dryness… there’s nothing like it… I feel like giving it a try.

    1. Dryness is my biggest concern too. Vitamin supplements have helped me, you can consider speaking to your doctor for advice if you have doubts about Perfectil there is a lot of scientific backup for this product.

  7. With age my skin has become a bit dry. I use a concoction of glycerin and rose water and it works wonderfully. I have been using it since I was a child.

  8. When I was experiencing hair loss and brittle nails, my doctor recommended Perfectil. There is no doubt that this is the best for skin, nails, and skin.

  9. I have lived all my life in a tropical city but now that i have moved I see that my hands, nails need pampering. I am going to follow your cue and try perfectil. Hope my winter skin woes will be taken care of.

  10. My skin also becomes extremely dry and rough and a good moisturizer helps me a lot. But there are some days when even applying the moisturizer does not work. I have never tried any vitamin treatment. Will try Perfectil as you did.

    1. For dry skin a combination of outside hydration and supplementation has shown good results for me. Hope it helps you as well. Thanks for stopping by 😊

  11. Bangalore has become chilly in the last month. No amt of moisturiser seems to help as it gets dry again quickly. I know i should avoid hot showers….but cant help it as it feels sooooo good in the cold. 😏

  12. Even I suffer from extreme dryness during winter. It is good to know about Perfectil and how effective it is on dry skin.

  13. During winters, skin care is at peak as temperatures vary so much and the cold wind makes it worse. Your suggestions are good to takecare of the akin and make it healthy.

  14. More than my facial skin my foot and hand skins are just pathetically dry and I dont have any solution for the same. But now I know what to do… thanks for the recommendation

  15. Perfectil is really great when it comes for skin, hair and nail care, I am using the same from couple of months and the result is amazing!!

  16. This is indeed very important to use a humidifier to counteract the air dryness caused by heating equipment. Perfectil work wonder on my skin.

  17. I experience dryness problem in winters and i can totally relate with the points you have mentioned. I would love to try this product and i hope this one will help. Thanks for the review.

  18. Winters are here and when it comes to cold weather, a great moisturiser is must for me. My skin get really dry from this harsh weather and to taken care of skin is really important. Thanks for sharing this amazing article.

  19. winters tends to take away the moisture and elasticity from the skins and hence it is imperative we take utmost good care of skin during winter seasons. and health supplements like Pefectil which works wonders on skin, hair and nails all together is a great choice

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