5 beauty products I can’t live without! 💅💅 #ThankfulThursdays

A girl can’t have enough stock of beauty products.

Although I believe that being beautiful is inside out. As a girl, I love my beauty products too. Limiting them to 5 is also difficult so I thought of sharing my daily essentials a mix of skincare and makeup products.

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Let’s begin…

👒👒 My first essential is a face wash for daily purpose. I am currently using Clinique Pep-Start 2-In-1 Exfoliating Cleanser. I would be doing a full review on the product. It’s my first time with a Clinique product as the range is generally expensive.

👒👒 Second product on my list is a lip balm. I lips are dry and need a lip balm on a daily basis. Winters are pretty bad for them. I like the strawberry ones the most. They moisturise and I like the flavour.

👒👒 Third skin essential is a body lotion. I have tried multiple ones but Vaseline remains the first choice. Currently using Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Body Lotion, though summers have set in skin is still giving me troubles.

👒👒 Now going to my two essential makeup products. My fourth product is an eyeliner.

👒👒 Lastly, lipsticks change the way you look completely. You feeling low try a bold look. I love pinks followed by reds and plums.

Writing about them makes me think of shopping more…

Have a great day!


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  1. Nice Post , Loved your collection , I also have Lotus Lipsticks and they are really good and after being a beauty blogger , trying new herbal & organic brands and reviewing them gives Lots of happiness 🙂

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