Being Selfish😈

Jiske jitne zarurat utni mulaqat
Baadmein kaun ho aap humko nahi yaad…


Strange are relationships.👥

In first year of my graduation, my classmate used to say this small poem/lines –

Matlab ki hai saare duniya,

Kaun kiska hota hai

Dhokha wahi deta hai,

Jispe bharosa hota hai.

These words got ingrained in my mind forever. So true in today’s time. Its not easy to trust people, but why?

I have faced this situations many time. I don’t trust people easily because, of my experiences. People whom I trust then its for life. May be people must have faced similar situations so they behave with others the same. For  the remaining it may be the way they are. 😏

However, have we made ourselves trustworthy for others to trust us? Its easy to point fingers on others but before that; we need to introspect as well. We cant take credit for other people’s character however, we are responsible for oneself.

I know you may say the world behaves with me this way then why should I be good to others. I can understand your point. We get what we sow.

As Sant Kabir said:

Boya ped babool ka aam kahan se khay

If we can bring change in us and remain firm on it, I think its an achievement. Lets create the perfect mold for our character. Lets walk on the path of righteous. For I believe that we have come here to improve ourselves, to evolve. Lets take charge for our life. Dont think about others.

Today, on the day of Dusshera / Vijayadashami / Dasera – I wish you a Happy Festival. May we all conquer our evils to emerge victorious at every step of our life. After elucidating about the nine days of Navratri we should not stop or digress from our path to evolution.

May you all prosper, excel in your work, keep healthy and always smile…

Happy Dusshera / Vijayadashami / Dasera 🙂



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  1. Happy Dussehra, Manisha!

    Thank You for the 9 posts of Navratri! I have been visiting Vaishno Devi temple nearby every morning for all these 9 days and read your post in the night! 🙂
    I didn’t know what all those days meant in the morning but enlightenment used to happen in the night!
    Thanks for the knowledge shared and may this Vijayadashmi helps you gain more and more forever!

    BTW, looking forward for those impromptus now and then!
    Have a nice day!

  2. You have hit the right chord Manisha, Why we are loosing our goodness if people around us are not worthy.

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